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Shaw Floorte Endura Plus Vinyl Plank Review

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Shaw Floorte Endura Plus Vinyl Plank Review

Shaw Floors describes the Endura Pro Series to be a 100% waterproof product. They state it is a high-performance floor, with enhanced durability and dent resistance. Other features (according to the Shaw literature) include:

  • Minimized telegraphing (this means any imperfections in the subfloor won't come through on the material).

  • It requires a minimal amount of subfloor preparation

  • It has improved dimensional stability. For example, if you have a room that gets intensified heat from sunlight, this product will have reduced expansion and contraction.

  • It has an attached pad for sound reduction.

Shaw Endura Pro 0736V comes in 20 wood-looking colors. It is a 12 mil product (more about what "mil" means later in this article).

Shaw Floorte Endura Plus Vinyl Plank Review

Shaw Floorte Endura Plus Vinyl Plank Specifications

Style 0736V

Plank Width: 7”

Plank Length: 48”

Attached Underlayment: Yes

EdgesMicro: Bevel

Material Type: SPC

Thickness: 4.8mm

Gloss: Low

Installation Type: Float, Direct Glue

Installation Location: On, Above, Below

Waterproof: Yes

Locking System: Fold & Tap Interlock

Radiant Heating Approved: Yes

Style: Wood Look

Wear Layer: 12 mil

Residential Warranty: 30 year

Commerical Warranty: 7 Year Limited

Texture: ArmourBead surface finish

Product Description

You can purchase this product with a click together installation system (Style 0736V), or you can purchase this product for a glue down installation (Style 0802V).

This product is mainly used in residential applications.

Product Warranty

The warranty on Endura Pro is somewhat hard to find. We could not locate it on the Shaw Floors Website. After calling Shaw Floors, we had the warrant information emailed to us. Here is the information as sent to us from Shaw Floors:

"This warranty covers manufacturing defects, delaminating, loss of original pattern and color due to fading or wear, when the flooring is subject to normal residential use, provided the flooring covered by this warranty is installed and maintained according to the instructions included in the sold package."

It should be noted the product warranty does not transfer to a new homeowner. The warranty is only valid with the original homeowner that purchases the material.

Our Product Opinion

The best feature of the Shaw Endura Plus Pro Series Vinyl Plank is the competitive price. If you're looking for a nice wood-looking vinyl plank, that won't break your checking account, then Endura Plus would be a great option for you to consider.

This product line has 20 different colors and styles. If you have a rental property, or a starter home, or maybe you're looking to put new flooring in a basement or some empty bedrooms, this would be a great product for you to consider.

On the flip side, Endura Plus is a middle of the road product. If you're looking for that fancy design, or a vinyl plank that comes with long boards, or a 20-mil wear layer, this is not the product for you.

Every product has its best areas of use. Endura Plus is for the budget-minded customer, looking to purchase flooring that will last a long time, and likewise, not destroy their bank account. The best place to install Endura Plus is in the following type of environments:

  • Starter Homes

  • Basements

  • Spare Bedrooms

  • Rental Homes

  • Apartments

  • Small Offices

If you do an internet scan, you will find mixed reviews on this product. While many people love Endura Plus, others do not. It is our opinion you get what you pay for. As stated above, if you purchase this floor with the expectation that you're buying an industry top of the line designer product, then you will be disappointed.

But, if you purchase this product with the understanding that you're buying a very affordable product that has wonderful wood-looking designs, we think you will find this product to be a good purchase.

When it comes to durability, Endura Plus holds up just fine (as compared to other similar products). It is our opinion your Endura Plus floor should last a very long time. Keep in mind, the color you choose will make a big difference in hiding dirt and scratches. If you pick a dark color, it will tend to show scratches much more than the lighter colors.

As it pertains to scratching, please note that no type of flooring is 100% "scratch proof." Some floors are more scratch resistant than others, but no flooring is 100% scratch proof.

The installation process is very simple. If you love doing those weekend home projects, you will find many people install Endura Plus on their own. Likewise, you can always schedule a flooring professional to install this floor.

Vinyl Plank Mil Wear Layer Explanation

Earlier in this article we mentioned the Shaw Floorte Plus Series has a "12 mil" wear layer. What is "mil wear layer?" what does it mean? Why should you even care?

All types of vinyl plank flooring come with a factory finish. The purpose of this finish is to protect the flooring from damage (dents, scratching, etc..).

A "mil" is described as one thousands of an inch. The thicker your mil layer is, the more protection you will have with your floor.

The next question that probably comes to mind is: "what mil thickness should I get with my vinyl plank floor?" Manufacturers make flooring that is intended for different purposes. For example, you can purchase a very thin 6 mil vinyl plank product, but that would not be recommended for most residential homes. On the flip side, you could purchase a commercial product (for your home), that would be very expensive, and an over-kill for most homes.

The best vinyl plank residential products should either be a 12 or 20 mil product. The 20 mil is going to give you the best scratch and wear protection. However, in most cases, a 12 mil product will also hold up just fine in most homes.

20 mil products are usually going to be more expensive than a 12 mil. So, when trying to decide which is the best product for you, you need to make your decision not only on the mil wear layer, but also on the price of the product.

Bonus #1: Frequently Asked Vinyl Plank Questions

What are the disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring?

With the click together installation method, vinyl plank flooring can be very difficult to repair. If you have one damaged board, it's not as simple as pulling out one board and installing a new one. Sometimes you might need to take out a much larger area, just to replace that one damaged area.

Another disadvantage that sometimes comes into play is not properly installing the product. A lot of people install vinyl plank on their own. If the product is installed, without leaving breathing space around the walls, vinyl plank can sometimes buckle and come apart. While the click together installation is easy to put together, homeowners need to follow the installation instructions, or they will end up with a problem.

Will vinyl plank flooring hurt my home value?

The short answer is: no. Vinyl plank flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring in the floor covering marketplace. Walk into any retail flooring store, and look at the percentage of their retail space that is dedicated to vinyl plank flooring. In today's marketplace, vinyl plank flooring is installed in all types of homes.

Sometimes customers confuse vinyl plank flooring with the old laminate flooring from the 1990's. Back then, it used to be common for most stores to carry cash and carry laminate that costs $0.99 a square foot. However, the product was cheaply made, and ended up having all sorts of installation and maintenance issues. Today's vinyl plank flooring is completely different.

How long will my vinyl plank flooring last?

This really depends on how you maintain your floor. If you do a great job of care and maintenance, your floor will last a very long time. The only reason you would need to replace it, would be if you just get sick of the color and want something different.

However, if you don't take care of your floor, you might be replacing it after a year. The key to any floor is the effort you make it taking care of your purchase.

Where can I go to get vinyl plank care and maintenance instructions?

The best place to get care and maintenance instructions is to visit your products website. All manufacturers will have a section on their website dedicated on how to properly maintain their floors. It is important to follow these guidelines to maintain your warranty.

Another great resource is on our website at: Best Rug Prices We have an entire section that we call "Ask The Flooring Pro." This is a video series that answers your questions on sorts of floor covering topics. It is a free service that we offere to our views as a floor covering resource tool.

What is the best vinyl plank flooring?

We don't think there is a clear winner to this question. There are many vinyl plank flooring manufacturer's. They all have their good, better and best products. The best vinyl plank flooring is the one that fits your project the best. Every project has different goals. You need to base your product winner on color, style, product durability and price.

Do you need underlayment for vinyl plank flooring?

Many vinyl plank products come with an attached pad. Even the products that do not have an attached pad can usually be installed without an underlayment. We always recommend talking to your flooring professional about the goals of your project. They can help you determine on whether or not your job needs an underlayment.

Can we install vinyl plank flooring over our existing flooring?

It all depends on what your existing floor is, the condition of the floor, as well as other flooring in the house. You should always discuss this with your flooring professional prior to installation. In many instances, you can save all kind of costs by installing your product directly over an existing floor. However, in some cases, you might be better of to remove an existing floor before installation.

Bonus Tip #2: The Room Visualizer

Have you ever heard of a "Room Visualizer?" Most manufacturer's have put this feature on their websites. You can literally take a picture of your room, upload it to a website, and have different products inserted in to your picture. It's an incredible way to get a jump start on your shopping.

Let's say you are shopping for hardwood. You call one of your local floor covering stores and ask them which manufacturers of hardwood they have in the store. The store informs you that, Kentwood Flooring, is one of their largest suppliers. You go to the Kentwood Website Room Visualizer Page, upload your room picture. Now, you can shop their products while sitting at your computer. You write down the names of 3-4 products that you like, go to your flooring store, check-out those samples to look at. Talk about a time-savor! This is a great newer feature that most people don't know about.


We have given Shaw Floorte Endura Plus vinyl plank flooring a rating of 3 1/2 stars. If you are trying to find a middle of the road vinyl plank, that is durable and easy to clean, we think Floorte Plus would be a great option to consider.

The color line is excellent. 20 neutral colors that certainly fit the intended use for this product.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a designer product, or a fancy 20 mil product that has long boards and unique one-of-a-kind styles, this product would not be a good fit.

As stated earlier in this article, Shaw Floorte Plus would be a wonderful choice for an apartment, starter home, a basement or for a spare bedroom.

At the end of the day, if used in the correct environment and for the right purpose, you won't find a better vinyl plank floor for the money and durability.


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