One of the best and quickest ways to spruce up a room is with the addition of a new area rug. Many homeowners place a solid color rug in large bedrooms that have a hardwood or vinyl plank floor. 9x12 rugs are a very popular size, and are available in many different solid colors. In this article, we provide readers with our top ten picks for solid color rugs 9x12:

Solid Color Rugs 9x12 - Our Top 10 Suggestions (1-5)

(1) Unique Loom Solid Shag Collection:

A wonderful solid color rug 9x12 collection that comes in an amazing 21 different colors: pink, gray, taupe, cloud gray, snow white, turquoise, aqua blue, cherry red, chocolate brown, cocoa, eggplant purple, grass green, ivory, cloud gray 2, jet black, lilac, navy blue, periwinkle blue, slate blue, terracotta, tiger orange and tuscan sun yellow. A soft and cozy carpet that would work extremely well in a bedroom or living room. This is a Polypropylene product, machine woven, with a cotton backing. Each color also has many different size options. With over 35,000 Amazon published reviews, this collection is one of the most popular selling online products. It also has a rating of 4 1/2 stars. Promoted as an area rug that is easy to clean, stain resistant and non-shedding, this collection would be ideal for the bargain customer looking for a good quality solid color rug to fill a void in a room. This 9x12 collection is priced to sell, and continues to be a hot selling area rug product.

(2) Nourison Positano Indoor/Outdoor Solid Collection:

This is a very unique and beautiful solid color area rug that will certainly add a "touch of class" to any room. An indoor/outdoor collection that would look beautiful in a casual family room space, or on a four seasons room. This solid color rugs 9x12 collection comes in eight colors: aqua, beige, blue/green, charcoal, light grey, natural, terracotta and navy blue. All eight colors also have a variety of different size options. As shown in the picture the color of the rug is solid, with just a hint of a streaking secondary color. This contemporary rug has a slight pattern, that would coordinate very well with almost any type of furniture or wall paint color. This product has a low pile height, and would be an excellent option for a high traffic area of the home. Currently, this collection has over 2,200 online reviews, along with a 4 1/2 star rating. This collection is being sold at a great price, and continues to be a shoppers favorite rug collection.

(3) Nourison Essentials Solid Collection:

A contemporary solid color rugs 9x12 collection that has a variety of color options (13): black, blue/green, blue/grey, brick red, green, ivory beige, midnight blue, navy blue, pink, blue green, yellow, silver grey and floral mocca. All of these colors also come in several different size options. The 9x12 size would be a great option for a living room or bedroom. This would be the perfect contemporary and classy rug to put on top of a hardwood or vinyl plank floor. This product can also be placed outdoors. making it a very nice option for a four season room. While this is a solid color product, each color has a hint of a secondary color in it, making each color a soft tone and calming color. This collection is sold as a kid and pet friendly product, that is easy to clean.

As an example of the colors, the brick red color (as shown in the picture), follows the same pattern as all of the rest: a solid color with a hint of a softer secondary color incorporated in the pattern. The brick red option would look wonderful with light colored furniture, or on a backyard deck. Currently, this collection has over 700 online reviews, with a 4 1/2 star product rating. This collection continues to be a shoppers favorite.

(4) Garland Rug Sparta Collection:

Made in the U.S.A., this is a unique solid color rug 9x12 collection, that has a hidden trellis pattern woven within the pattern. The picture does not illustrate the pattern (please click picture to see a larger screen shot) real well. This collection comes in twelve colors: black, chili pepper red, cinder gray, mocha, navy, sage, sea foam, tan, silver, sea foam 2, chili red, indigo and seafoam. All of these colors also have a variety of size options. This would be a beautiful and tasteful casual rug for any living room or bedroom. This product comes with a low pile height, and would work well in a high traffic area. As shown in the picture, this product looks great sitting on a dark hardwood floor, surrounded by light colors. Currently, this collection has a 4 1/2 star rating, with over 8,500 published reviews. This collection is priced to sell, and continues to be an online favorite.

(5) Well Woven Romy Laylani Farmhouse Solid Pattern Natural Color Hand-Braided Basket Weave:

Sometimes we discover a sleeper product that needs to be recognized. This Well woven jute collection is one of those products. As shown in the picture, a beautiful and stylish natural farmhouse product that is the ideal product to add some life in a bedroom or living room space. This solid color rug 9x12 product, is being sold at a great price, and would look beautiful with almost any style of furniture or room decor. This organic rug is extremely durable, and would be wonderful in any high traffic space. This collection also comes in a variety of size options. Many customers are purchasing multiple rugs, using the larger 9x12 size for the main room space, then purchasing the coordinating runner size for the entryway or hallway. This is one of the few area rugs that has earned a 5 star rating. The pattern while defined as a solid color, shows a touch of a secondary color, helping make this product have a classy and elegant look and feel.

Solid Color Rugs 9x12 - Our Top 10 Suggestions (6-10)

(6) Unique Loom Braided Jute Collection:

Here is another jute collection that comes in four colors: beige/natural, gray/silver, natural and navy blue. this solid color rugs 9x12 collection is a beautiful and stylish area rug, perfect for a casual living room or large bedroom. The solid color sin this collection would coordinate extremely well with almost any room color or furniture styles. As shown in the picture, the beige/natural color looks fantastic next to light colored furniture. Each color has a streak of a secondary color that helps add to the overall look. This would be a great addition to any room. A perfect choice for the customer looking for a high quality and attractive rug, without having to break the bank account. A low pile height carpet that would be great in high traffic areas. Currently, this collection has over 400 product reviews, with a 4 1/2 star rating.

(7) Unique Loom Del Mar Collection:

Those customers looking for solid color rugs 9x12, with a solid color border, might find this collection a great choice. The Unique Loom Del Nar Collection comes in gray/ivory (as shown in the picture). The main color is gray, with a coordinating ivory border. This product would look tremendous around light colored furniture and light colored wall paint. This is a wonderful transitional area rug collection that would pull all of the room decor together. This collection also comes in a variety of size options. Promoted as an easy to clean, kid and pet friendly product, the Del Mar Collection would work well in a casual living room, family room or bedroom space. Currently, this collection has a 4 1/2 star Amazon rating.

(8) Safavieh Vision Collection:

This product represents a no nonsense, simple yet elegant area rug collection. The colors are mostly solid, with a hint of a secondary color ever so slightly showing itself in the pattern. The collection is promoted as a "Modern Ombre Tonal Chic" area rug. The blue 9x12 area rug (as shown in the picture) is a classy product that looks incredible around off white furniture and off white walls. This collection also comes in seven other colors: aqua, brown, cream, grape, grey, light brown and silver. All of the colors also come in a variety of size options. This is a low pile height, durable and stain resistant carpet. This would be a wonderful product to add to a room, that is not too expensive. Currently, this collection has a 4 1/2 star rating, with over 5,800 online product reviews. This is a trendy modern collection designed for he modern room decor.

(9) Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection:

This is one of those area rug products that customers will find, and won't believe the price. This is a natural fiber solid color rug 9x12 size, that is just an incredible deal! a beautiful natural rug that would bring style and class to any living room, family room or bedroom. This collection also comes in a variety of sizes. Many customers will buy the larger 9x12 size for a main space, then purchase the runner size for the entryway or hallway. This is not only a beautiful rug, but it is very durable and easy to clean. This collection has wonderful online reviews, and remains a hot selling product. The natural look is complimented by a slight pattern and design, which helps make this product a calm and warming addition to any room.

(10) Safavieh Athens Shag Collection:

Customers looking for a standard solid color 9x12 rug, will find what they're looking for in this collection. This soft and cozy shag collection comes in fourteen colors: beige, dark grey, light grey, off white, seafoam, black, brown, ivory, navy, pink, red, silver, taupe and white. This is the classic solid color rug that has been around for years and years. There is nothing fancy here: this is simply a very nice shag solid color rug, that is priced to sell. with so many different color options, shoppers would have an easy time finding the perfect color for any room. This collection has a 1.5 inch pile height, and would be the ultimate carpet to sit on the floor and play with the kids or watch a movie. This is a wonderful casual rug that would bring warmth to any room. This collection is sold mostly for family rooms or large bedrooms. Currently, this product has a 4 1/2 star rating, with over 2,900 online reviews.



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