SolidTech Select Product Review

SolidTech Select Product Review

SolidTech Select is a new luxury vinyl plank and tile product, made by Mohawk Flooring. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, all with a click together installation system. Products are available in both 12 mil and 20 mil products. All SolidTech Select products come with an attached pad. SolidTech Select is sold by various floor covering retail stores across the United States.

About Mohawk SolidTech Select

With the huge rise in sales of luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring, Mohawk Flooring has increased its product line, with the introduction of SolidTech Select. SolidTech Select currently comes in multiple different styles, all with multiple color lines. According to Mohawk Flooring:

“We know that not all homeowners need or want the exact same performance attributes, nor do they all share a common budget,” said Mary Beth Sharp, vice president of marketing, resilient. “This new, simplified trade-up story really opens up our SolidTech line of products to offer her the looks she wants with the performance she needs at a price point that makes her comfortable.” Floor Trends

SolidTech Select is a 100% waterproof product, it comes with the Mohawk All pet Plus Warranty, and is promoted as a very easy to clean product. SolidTech Select is made with a ceramic composition core, which help make it a very durable and dependable flooring product. With the waterproof warranty, SolidTech Select features a waterproof finish layer, as well as a waterproof locking system, which helps prevent damage to the floor and sub-floor.

SolidTech Select has a no gap guarantee, which means the product will not cup or gap due to moisture or temperature changes. Mohawk also promotes SolidTech select has a product that is very easy to clean. According to Mohawk:

"With a variety of domestically produced styles, Mohawk’s proprietary EasyClean technology that adds enhanced stain and soil protection, and collections featuring our easy click installation, SolidTech is the perfect choice for consumers,” said Ed Sanchez, vice president of product management, resilient. Floor Trends

Mohawk Flooring has been a leader and trusted brand in the floor covering industry for several years, in both the residential and commercial markets. Mohawk Flooring manufacturers and sells a variety of products, which include: carpet, ceramic, laminate, luxury vinyl tile and plank, hardwood and area rugs.

Mohawk Flooring continues to be a leader in eco-friendly flooring, and offers tons of products made from recycled and renewable resources. Mohawk's approach to sustainability controls every point of a products production, from the raw materials to the distribution of the products.

Mohawk Industries has a variety of floor covering brands, which include: American Olean, Saltile, QuickStep, Marazzi, Karastan, Pergo, Unilon and ArmorMax.

Credit: Mohawk EasyClean

SolidTech Select Products

SolidTech Select currently has multiple different styles, which include:

  • Discovery Ridge

  • Explorer's Cove

  • Uncharted Territory

  • Tranquility Seeker

  • Wanderer's Loop

While most of the product line is wood looking planks, it does have with one style of tile looking colors. Products are mostly 20 mil wear layer products, with one price point 12 mil style. The wood plank looks come in a variety of board widths.

Discovery Ridge

Construction Rigid LVT

Installation Click

Thickness 4.5mm

Wear Layer 12 mil

Plank Size 6'x48"

Sq. Ft. Per Carton 32.15

Attached Underlayment Yes

Bevel Type Micro Bevel

Warranty 25 Year Limited Residential

Explorer's Cove

Construction Rigid lVT

Installation Click

Thickness 5 mm

Wear Layer 20 mil

Plank Size 7'x48"

Sq. Ft. Per Carton 28.63

Attached Underlayment Yes

Bevel Type Micro Bevel

Warranty Lifetime Limited Residential

Uncharted Territory

Construction Rigid LVT

Installation Click

Thickness 6 mm

Wear Layer 20 mil

Plank Size Varies

Sq. Ft. Per Carton Varies

Attached Underlayment Yes

Bevel Type Painted Bevel

Warranty Lifetime Limited Residential

Tranquility Seeker

Construction Rigid

Installation Click

Thickness 6 mm

Wear Layer 20 mil

Plank Size Varies

Sq. Ft. Per Carton Varies

Attached Underlayment Yes

Bevel Type Painted Bevel

Warranty Lifetime Limited Residential

Wanderer's Loop

Construction Rigid

Installation Click

Thickness 6 mm

Wear Layer 20 mil

Plank Size Varies

Sq. Ft. Per Carton Varies

Attached Underlayment Yes

Bevel Type Painted Bevel

Warranty Lifetime Limited Residential

Credit: SolidTech From Mohawk

SolidTech Select Care & Maintenance

Best care and maintenance for preventing damages include:

  • Spills should be cleaned up immediately.

  • Wash the floor with nonabrasive floor cleaner.

  • Never push, pull, or drag furniture across vinyl floors. Always lift and carry.

  • Heavy furniture or appliances that are not moved often should be equipped with flat, non-staining floor protectors.

  • Avoid using a vacuum with a beater bar.

  • For spot stain treatment, use a diluted bleach solution that is 1 part bleach, 10 parts water.

SolidTech Select Warranty

As with any floor covering warranty, in order to get the full details, customers can not rely on the information on the store product display, or on the information printed on the back of a product sample. Every floor covering product has a full product warranty brochure, which can usually be found on the companies website. It is also the best practice to download this information. In the case of Mohawk SolidTech, it can be downloaded here:

Download PDF • 124KB

In the warranty, it states that SolidTech flooring is 100% waterproof, and the structural integrity of the product will not be significantly diminished by exposure to water. However, further in the warranty, it goes on to state:

These warranties do not apply to SolidTech Flooring that has been subject to abnormal use or conditions or abused in any way. “Abnormal use or conditions” includes, but is not limited to, damage from plumbing/appliance leaks, storm or flood; damage from smoke, fire or other casualty events; damage caused by negligence or improper alterations of the original manufactured product. “Abuse” is any use of the flooring that is unreasonable considering the normal and expected uses of SolidTech Flooring in a residential or light commercial environment. The feet of furniture must always be covered with appropriate protective material. Chairs, sofas or furniture with castors must be fitted with soft rubber wheels and have an adequate protective mat or protective castor cups. Solid Tech Warranty

We would advise customers to verify the waterproof warranty with the appropriate retail floor covering store prior to purchase. It is always a good idea to fully understand what is covered in the warranty, as well as what is not covered. As an example of this, the SolidTech Warranty requires homeowners to place walk off mats at all outside doors, to help prevent soil, dirt and other contaminants from getting on the Solid Tech flooring. As a homeowner, failure to do this, might void your product warranty.

SolidTech also comes with the Mohawk All Pet Warranty. In the product warranty, it states:

Mohawk warrants that during the period of the warranty, SolidTech Flooring will resist stains from all domestic pets, including vomit, urine, or feces. “Stain resistance” is the ability of your SolidTech floor to resist permanent stains. Solid Tech Warranty

Credit: All Pet Warranty

SolidTech Select - Common Questions

Does SolidTech Select need underlayment? Mohawk SolidTech Select comes with an attached underlayment pad. So, buying an additional underlayment will not be necessary.

What is SolidTech Select made of? SolidTech Select is made using a ceramic composition core, which helps make the product much more durable.

Can I use a glue down installation method with SolidTech Select? No. SolidTech Select has a click together installation method.

Is SolidTech Select waterproof? Yes. This product comes with the Mohawk Waterproof Warranty. However, when purchasing, it is always a good idea to review this warranty with a flooring professional, to fully understand the warranty information.

Does SolidTech Select have tile looks? Yes. While the majority of the product line is wood looking planks, SolidTech Select Wanderer's Loop is a tile looking style.

What is the mil wear layer of SolidTech Select? SolidTech Select is mostly a 20mil product line, with one price point 12 mil style

How is SolidTech Selected Priced? Pricing will vary from store to store. However, SolidTech Select is very aggressively priced from the manufacturer, and most stores will have this product priced at a very reasonable price.

Does my product covered if I am the second owner? No. The warranty is only valid with the original purchaser of the SolidTech Select product.

Conclusion - Solid Tech Select Product Review

We have given Mohawk SolidTech Select a rating of 4 stars. We love this product. The addition of Select is a new 2021 product, and many stores might not even have the product in their store yet.

The one unclear item we have about this product is the warranty. We find the wording of their warranty document to be someone vague. We would advise discussing the warranty prior to purchase.

Even though we have some reservations about the product warranty brochure, Mohawk Flooring is an outstanding company that stands behind their products. Likewise, Mohawk Flooring has great luxury vinyl plank products, as well as being sold at a great price. Customers that are looking for a well priced and quality vinyl plank product will find SolidTech Select to be a winning product. We highly recommend it.

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