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Somerset Hardwood Flooring Review (Read This Before You Buy...)

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Somerset Hardwood Flooring Review

Based in Somerset, Kentucky, Somerset Flooring has been in business for over 30 years. All Somerset Flooring products are made in the U.S.A. Somerset Flooring harvests their wood from the heart of Appalachia. Somerset Flooring is one of the largest suppliers of kiln-dried Appalachian hardwoods.

Somerset is privately owned, and they promote a "vertical integration policy." All of their operations, from the lumber manufacturing, to the drying, milling and finishing, are controlled from within their organization.

Somerset Hardwood Flooring Review

Somerset is a very "green friendly" company. They support the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which requires them to be a responsible steward of their managed timberlands by adhering to independent monitored and established policies and objectives.

With their wood coming from the heart of Appalachia, the Somerset Flooring products are limited to wood species that grow in the Appalachian area. As a result, you won't see any exotic woods in their collection of products. The Somerset Flooring product line includes the following species of hardwood:

  • White Oak

  • Ash

  • Hickory

  • Hard Maple

  • Soft Maple

  • Cherry

  • Aromatic Cedar

  • Poplar

  • Basswood

  • Red Oak

According to the Somerset Flooring Website, "Somerset is proud to support and actively participate in the following industry associations:

  1. National Hardwood Lumber Association

  2. Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers association

  3. Indiana Hardwood Lumberman's Association

  4. Kentucky Forest Industries Association

  5. American Hardwood Export Association

Somerset Solid Plus Engineered Flooring

Besides offering a line of solid hardwood products, Somerset Flooring offers a complimentary engineered hardwood product line. Somerset Flooring calls their engineered hardwood flooring product, "Solid Plus." According to the Somerset Website:

The installed look of Somerset SolidPlus® engineered flooring is identical to Somerset solid flooring.
One of the exciting aspects of SolidPlus® is that it is eco-sensible. When we manufacture SolidPlus®, the same block of wood that yields one piece of traditional ¾” solid flooring produces four to five 3mm wear layers (surface layer) for SolidPlus® flooring.
The lifespan of engineered flooring is the same as solid flooring. Our SolidPlus® 50-year Wear Warranty Protection is identical to our solid flooring warranty.
Engineered flooring is more dimensionally stable than solid wood flooring.
If ever needed, SolidPlus® engineered floors with their 3mm wear layer can be sanded and refinished.
SolidPlus® engineered flooring can be installed on any grade level.
SolidPlus® engineered flooring is more resistant to moisture than solid hardwood flooring.- Somerset Flooring Website

Somerset Flooring Collection of Products

As we list the current Somerset products, please note this list changes on a regular basis. Products are dropped and added all of the time. It is always best to visit your local flooring store to get the latest up-to-date information.

Character Collection

Name Type

Hickory Natural Solid, Engineered

Maple Onyx Solid, Engineered

White Oak Solid, Engineered

Hickory Saddle Solid, Engineered

Hickory Ember Solid, Engineered

Maple Pine Solid, Engineered

For more information, please refer to the product video

Classic Collection

Name Type

Butterscotch Solid, Engineered

Mystic Solid, Engineered

Natural Red Oak Solid, Engineered

Gunstock Solid, Engineered

Cherry Oak Solid, Engineered

Urban Gray Solid, Engineered

Sable Solid, Engineered

For more information, please visit the product video

Classic Character Collection

Name Type

Natural White Oak Solid, Engineered

Gunstock Solid, Engineered

Wheat Solid, Engineered

Oak Forest Solid, Engineered

Color Plank Collection

Name Type

Natural White Oak Solid, Engineered

Golden Oak Solid, Engineered

Gunstock Solid, Engineered

Mocha Solid, Engineered

Smoke Solid, Engineered

Metro Brown Solid, Engineered

Natural Red Oak Solid, Engineered

For more information, please visit the product video

Color Strip Collection

Name Type

Natural Red Oak Solid

Golden Oak Solid

Gunstock Solid

Mocha Solid

Metro Brown Solid

Natural White Oak Solid

Smoke Solid

For more information, please visit the product video

Hand Crafted Collection

Name Type

Ocean Gray Engineered

Dark Forest Engineered

Winter Wheat Engineered

Antique Bronze Engineered

Buttercup Engineered

Royal Brown Engineered

Rustic Autumn Engineered