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Teragren Bamboo Flooring Review

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Teragren Bamboo Flooring Review

Since 1994, Teragren Bamboo has been a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly bamboo flooring. Because Teragren is both the product developer and the manufacturer their product quality is directly controlled. Teragren specifies only Teragren Optimum 5.5 Mosa bamboo, one of the hardest and most dense fibers, grown in the Zhejiang province of China. Teragren sells bamboo flooring through the retail floor covering stores across the United States.

Teragren Bamboo Flooring Review

About Teragren Flooring

Bamboo flooring products have been around for several years. In general, bamboo is more resistant to moisture than hardwood flooring, bamboo is a very hard product (as compared to many species of hardwood), and bamboo provides excellent indoor air quality.

One of the features that we love about Teragren is their ability to not only control their manufacturing process but also control their raw product. By controlling the material being used in their products, Teragren can ensure a product that is more stable and harder for better performance and durability.

The materials Teragren uses are harvested by hand and then carried out of the forest on foot, to be prepared for transportation. The Teragren manufacturing facility is located within a day's drive of the forest, in part to cultivate a close working relationship with the local farmers in the area.

Our most important ally in our efforts to make quality bamboo products responsibly is the single factory group with which we have worked with for many years. Headquartered in the Zhejiang province of China, our partners maintains our strict, environmentally conscious standards day in and day out. Teragren frequently visits the factories for ongoing product development, quality assurance and to monitor working conditions. The factory group is certified ISO 9001:2000 and 14001 with 11 quality-control inspection stations in the production process plus a quality control engineer performing spot checks. - Teragren Bamboo

The Teragren Website makes a strong case for superior indoor air quality benefits. According to Teragran, they continue to make products that are healthy for its customers. All Teragren products are tested and certified by the California Standard of Indoor Air Quality. Likewise, all Teragren products are tested through an independent third-party accredited laboratory specializing in the analysis of organic chemicals emitted by and contained in building products.

Teragren - Products


Taragren's Xcora engineered strand bamboo flooring averages out to be about 160 % harder than red oak. Xcora is great for high-traffic areas, serving as a product that has a very high hardness rating and is an extremely dense product. Xcora comes in three collections (Essence, Synergy, and Neotera), with a total of 15 colors.

The Essence Collection is an extra wide plank-engineered product, with a board size of 72.83" x 7.48" x .55". The products in this collection are tongue and groove, with an installation method of glue down or nail.

The products in the Essence Collection come with a limited lifetime structural warranty and a 25-year limited finish warranty. For a complete list of colors in this collection, you can visit the Teragren Website

The Snyergy Collection is a very small collection, comprising of 2 colors. The board lengths are the same as the Essence Collection (72.83"), but the width of the Snyergy Collection boards is smaller (3.78"). Snyergy is a nail or glue down engineered product, tongue and groove construction, that also has a limited lifetime structural warranty, and a 25-year limited finish warranty.

The Neotera Collection has board widths of 5.12" and comes in 6 colors. The color line is most in the brown tones, with 1 gray and 1 tan color. The clean and contemporary color line makes this a perfect product for the home going for that modern look and charm. The Neotera Collection also has a limited lifetime structural warranty, and a 25-year limited finish warranty. The products in the Neotera Collection are nail or glue-down engineered products. For a complete list of the Neoera Collection colors, please visit the Teragren Website.


Pureform is Teragren's original bamboo line that is still popular today. Pureform is 40% harder than red oak and is great for a family room or office area. Pureform is a small line, coming in two collections (Wright and Solid Naturals), with a total of 4 colors.

The Wright Collection features classic bamboo in extra-long planks. The dimension of each plank is: 75.69"x7.48"x.59". These are tongue and groove, solid products. The Wright Collections has a limited lifetime structural warranty and a 25-year limited finish warranty.

The Solid Naturals Collection (at the time of this article) only has one color in it. It is a narrow plank product, that has the original Teragren bamboo look and feel. This tongue and groove product has a smooth finish and comes with a limited lifetime structural warranty and a 25-year limited finish warranty

Teragren Bamboo Warranty

As with all flooring product warranties, you can't look at the back of a sample to see what is covered by the warranty. In order to get the real truth on product warranties, you have to read the fine print that is written in the full warranty brochure. Teragren comes with a "limited lifetime Structural Warranty." Honestly, that could mean anything. Let's take a closer look at the fine print:

Teragren warrants that the floorboards will remain free from manufacturing defects when properly installed, properly maintained, environmental requirements have been met and the original purchaser owns and occupies the home. In the unlikely event that any structural aspect of the plank fails. Teragren will repair or refund the original purchase price of your floor (our option). The factory warranties apply only to the original owner and are non-transferable. - Teragren

However, the following exclusions will apply to their warranty:

  • Color Variations

  • Light/Sunlight Exposure

  • Squeaky Floors

  • Pre-installation Inspection Of Boards

  • Improper Installation

  • Adverse Environment

  • Maintenance Issues

  • High Traffic Areas (more than 10% of the area must be affected)

This is not unusual to have these types of exclusions in a product warranty. Most flooring manufacturers will have similar items in their warranties.

An interesting exclusion in their warranty is improper maintenance. If you read the Teragren Warranty, you will see they require you to use a product, Trueclean Wood, Bamboo, and LVT Cleaner. This is somewhat unusual for a company to specify an exact cleaner in their warranty. Other points of interest in their maintenance information include:

  • Do not use unauthorized maintenance products

  • Keep pets well groomed

  • Regular maintenance dust removal

  • Clean up all spills right away

  • Regular cleaning

  • Use rug pads

  • Use floor protectors for desk chairs

  • Scratching

  • High Heel Shoes

It is always important to get a copy and read the full product warranty. The only way to protect your flooring investment is to know and understand what is required for floor care and maintenance. As a customer, you would hate to think your product warranty would be void, simply because you didn't read the product warranty, and were using the wrong floor cleaner.

An interesting exclusion in the Teragren warranty is high heel shoes. Teragren specifically states:

High-heel shoes can damage a bamboo floor. It is important to keep the tips in good repair. - Teragren

At the time of purchase, your flooring store should provide you with a copy of the warranty. but, in reality, this almost never happens. You can find a copy of a flooring warranty on the company's website. Most companies will have it listed on their main page, in a PDF format. We recommend downloading it, and printing it out for review.

Conclusion - Teragren Bamboo Flooring Review

We have given Teragren Bamboo a rating of 3 1/2 stars. Teragren used to carry a floating floor bamboo line, which we thought was very popular. They have since dropped that line. All of Teragren products are currently glue-down or nail-down installation products. Likewise, all of their products must be installed on or above grade.

The Teragren products over the years have been very good quality. If you're looking for an environmentally safe product for your home, Teragren Bamboo would be a good place to start. They have some beautiful and unique-looking products. Teragren also has matching trim pieces, which makes a finished installation look 1000% better. Price points on Teragren products are very competitive. We have a great article, "How To Buy Flooring For Your Home," that might help in getting a competitive flooring quote.

Their product line is extremely small. We would like to see them add some more products SKU'sSKUs to their collections. Likewise, you might have to call around to find a store that sells Teragren. The distribution of this product seems to be less than what it was in years past.

Overall, we like Teragren. the product has been around for a long time, and customers seem to enjoy the end result. They have wonderful, unique-looking products, and bamboo (in general) is a great-looking floor. We think Teragren is well made and offers a durable product.



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