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Top Masland Carpet Products

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Top Masland Carpet Products

Masland Carpets & Rugs was founded in 1866 in Pennsylvania and continues to thrive as one of the leading carpet manufacturers in the United States. Masland Carpets & Rugs manufactures and sells carpets of the highest quality and designs. The Masland manufacturing and distribution plants measure in excess of one million square feet and have the ability to warehouse 20,000 rolls of carpet. Masland Carpet & Rugs sells its products to various retail and commercial floor covering dealers across the United States.

Top Masland Carpet Products

Top Masland Broadloom Carpet Products

Style Name Colors Style Name Colors

Adagio 16 Alexia 9

Alpha 12 Altair 18

Ambiance 12 Americana 80

Antelope 1 Artist Vision 8

Artist View 15 Bandala 25

Bandala Jazzed 28 Batavia 18

Batik 28 Beacon Hill 24

Beaucoup 6 Bedford Tweed 9

Bellini 13 Belmond 24

Bombay Vibration 16 Braded Opulence 36

Bungalow 16 Cache 61

Caicos 6 Capri 16

Carino 13 Casa Grande 30

Cedarbrook 24 Censor 12

Cervantes 9 Charmant 25

Chateau Marmont 32 Chesapeake 9

Cheval 32 City Center 9

Classique 16 Copenhagen 12

Corniche 25 Cortege 27

Cosmo 12 Crochet Elegance 24

Current 8 Darien 5

Delray 24 Dignitary 27

Distinguished 24 Dorado 24

Dublin 9 Dynamic 9

Embrace 50 Emporium 8

Entourage 27 Etchings 6

Firenze 24 Florentine 8

Force 8 Gallantry Too 24

Gamma 12 Georgiana 9

Grace 16 Glamorous 12

Granique 24 Grantham 6

Harbor Town 40 Heather Glen 8

Heatherpoint 6 Helena 9

Highland 6 Hudson Valley 28

Hustle 10 Iconic 12

Imari 6 Intensity 8

Jive 10 Jiya 8

Karma 13 Kensington Place 15

Key West 45 Knockout 50

Leopard 2 Longfellow 8

Lynx 28 Madison 37

Mantra 12 Marina Del Mar 25

Marquis 15 Matisse 36

Meandros 12 Mesa Bella 37

Mesa Verde 30 Metro Magic 7

Miami 45 Modern Mesh 15

Montauk 37 Montego 20

Morgan Bay 60 Moroccan Impression16

Moxie 12 Natural Point 7

Nature's Essence 24 Natures Thread 7

Nebula 18 New Hope 37

New Twist 30 Notting Hill 16

Notting Hill Too 18 Nueva Vista 18

Novellino 25 Oceano 15

Oceanside 45 Opalesque 36

Orion 18 Overtones 24

Panache 102 Paramount 7

Patriot 48 Pinehurst 28

Posh 60 Power 8

Preferred Style 15 Private Collection 28

Pulse 12 Ravishing 50

Reverie 28 Revival 12

Rivulet 28 Romance 12

Santa Barbara 40 Sea Grass 28

Serene Touch 28 Seurat 60

Shangri-Lai 25 Shangri-Lai Too 21

Signature 16 Silk Touch 40

Sisal Weave 21 Sisaltex 21

Skyline 7 Softy Stated 35

Solid Impact 25 Sotheby 6

Southport 32 St. Ives 15

Staccato 18 Stonehenge 15

Stratford 15 Street Lights 9

Strength 8 Style Sense 8

Sundara 4 Tango 10

This and That 15 Trademark 12

Trafalgar 17 Trends 9

Tresor 13 Tresor II 13

Trilogy 15 Trinity 9

Tristan 22 True Luxury 36

Unforgettable 15 Unrivaled 7

Urban Escape 9 Ursa 18

Ventura 24 Vero Beach 60

Vesta 7 Victoria Island 28

Vitality 8 Vivacity 12

Voltage 9 Waltz 10

Wexford 6 Windsor Castle 15

Winston 10 Woven Road 6

Zealous 8 Zebra 3

Zing 12

For a complete up-to-date listing of top products, we suggest visiting the Masland Product Page

Top Masland Carpet Products - Environmental Initiatives

Masland promotes on its website its high level of concern for environmental issues and manufacturing products that provide a safe environment. The Masland commitment to the environment is stated by their parent company, The Dixie Group, as follows:

Each company within The Dixie Group family designs and manufactures products that benefit the people who create them, as well as the people who use them. The goal is to find the most effective ways to create those products from the beginning, in order to build a healthier planet for everyone. Masland Carpet

According to the information on the Masland Website, Masland Carpets, whenever possible, likes to do business with companies within a 500-mile radius, to help promote business in the surrounding local communities. Masland Carpet & Rugs states:

Wool is used as a primary fiber by our Fabrica and Masland Residential divisions. This fiber is one of the most sustainable on the planet, and has a multitude of benefits as an environmentally preferred component. These naturally inherent properties include: biodegrading at the end of its life-cycle into nutrients that improve soil fertility, the ability to improve indoor air quality, as well as inherent humidity control, sound absorption, and insulation properties within the fiber structure. Masland

The Masland Carpet manufacturing process involves recycling scrap metal, fiber waste, cardboard, and plastic. Masland Carpet re-directs over 140,000 pounds of yarn waste that would otherwise be headed to landfills, by putting these products into the manufacturing process of other products like carpet pads, rood shingles, and automotive parts.

Masland Carpets has asked employees to do their part in helping with the war on waste. Masland has aggressive programs for employees to recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum.

Our Masland group has initiated the War on Waste program, which has empowered the employees to generate effective ways of eliminating waste. From recycling of paper, plastic and aluminum cans, to advancements in the energy efficiency of machinery, this program has generated a respect for nature that will ensure a safer and healthier environment for the future. Masland Carpets

Top Masland Carpet Products - Warranty

As with all floor covering products, in order to fully understand a warranty, the entire warranty document needs to be reviewed. Customers can not fully understand a warranty by reading the information that is printed on the back of a carpet sample. The information on the back of a sample is used for marketing purposes, and the vague information on the sample is simply not the real story. Most of the time, a customer can visit a company's website to get this information. With Masland Carpets, we have taken the liberty to visit the Masland Carpets & Rugs Website to get the entire warranty document:

In general terms, Masland Carpets has the following warranty:

General Stain Protection Lifetime

Soil Protection Lifetime

Abrasive Wear 20 year

Texture Retention 20 year

Anti Static Protection Lifetime

Warranty Coverage Includes Material & Labor, Prorated

It is extremely important to read and understand the information in the warranty document. In most warranties, homeowners are tasked with care and maintenance procedures that need to be followed. Failure to follow these procedures could result in a warranty claim