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Top Mohawk Flooring EverStrand Products

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Top Mohawk Flooring EverStrand Products

EverStrand carpet is a product made by Mohawk Flooring. EverStrand is made from 100% recycled content, using a manufacturing system that Mohawk Flooring refers to as the "Continuum" process. EverStrand is a PET carpet (Polyethylene Terephthalate), which is a type of fiber made from PET chips and recycled plastic containers. The "Continuum" process uses premium PET from high-grade polymer and removes dirt-attracting residue with a purification system. This helps make Mohawk EverStrand a very clean and environmentally friendly carpet.

Top Mohawk Flooring EverStrand Products

Top Mohawk Flooring EverStrand Products (Made In The U.S.A.)

Style Name Colors Style Name Colors

Prestige Beauty 40 Vintage Luxury 24

Soft Details II 9 Dynamo 16

Elaborate Appeal 28 Random Nature 24

Prestige Charm 40 Natural Attraction 8

Trending Appeal 28 Zen Garden 24

Soft Aspect 20 Tonal Retreat 8

Prestige Glamour 40 Balanced Harmony 20

Soft Outlook 20 Stylish Effect 16

Prestige Attraction 40 Prestige Style 32

Graceful Appeal 28 Tonal Chic II 24

Woven Elements 20 Color Connection 9

Medalist 12 Regal Appeal 28

Trailblazer 8 Western Sky 20

Chic Comfort 9 Urban Studio 20

Stylish Story I 40 Sculptured Touch 24

Simply Grey II 12 Distinct Beauty III 32

Stylish Trend 16 Matchless II 10

Brown's Mill 16 Original Touch 20

Shoreline 20 Natural Decor I 8

Stylish Edge 16 Pure Wonder 7

Stylish Story III 40 Tonal Chic I 24

Prime Design 32 Color Medley II 12

Champion 16 Winning Hand III 24

Pure Admiration 7 Everlasting Grace 9

Roll It Out 11 Premier Look 32

Natural Decor II 8 Impressive II 9

True Enchantment 8 Dynamic Blend 5

Elegant Appeal II 40 Casual Character 9

Distinct Beauty II 32 Refined Interest 24

Achiever 16 Timeless Journey 20

Elegant Appeal I 40 Weston Manor 24

First Class 16 Distinct Beauty I 32

Remarkable Quality 7 Matchless I 10

Infinite Wonder 7 Ultimate image 24

Treasure Valley 28 Crestview 24

Winning Hand 20 Memorable 24

Desert Portrait 20 Classic Nature 20

Bold Choice 16 Refined Excellence 7

Elegant Appeal III 40 Soft Edition I 24

Top Notch 16 Cozy Classic 9

Impressive I 9 Color Medley I 12

Stylish Story II 40 Thriller 12

Stylish Tones 12 Color Fusion I 15

Color Fusion II 15 Alliance 16

Pristine Sensation 9 Bayfront 20

Guardian 9 Simply Grey I 12

For an up-to-date listing of Mohawk EverStrand products, please visit the Mohawk EverStrand Product Page.

What Is The Mohawk EverStrand Continuum Process?

Mohawk Flooring's Continuum process diverts billions of plastic bottles (that were headed to landfills and oceans), and repurposes them by using them to create a new carpet that is used in both residential and commercial environments. The Continuum process includes:

  • Billions of plastic bottles are collected

  • Bottles are crushed into pieces

  • Pieces are ground into pellets

  • The pellets are turned into carpet fiber

According to Mohawk Flooring:

2+ Billion lbs
That is how much we have diverted from landfills and oceans since 2008. That is the equivalent of 6000+ blue whales. Mohawk Flooring

In 2020, Mohawk Industries was recognized as a finalist in Fast Company magazine’s 2020 Innovation by Design Awards in the sustainability category. Mohawk Industries was recognized for its Continuum process, which turns plastic bottles into carpet fibers. In a press release announcing this recognition, Mohawk Industries states:

“The core of our sustainability marketing strategy has been to make a more concerted effort to engage consumers and designers in the amazing story of innovation that is Continuum,” said Karen Mendelsohn, Mohawk’s senior vice president of marketing. “We are absolutely thrilled to see our strides being recognized in such a prestigious competition alongside true power players in their respective industries. It is a wonderful opportunity for Mohawk to be honored, and Fast Company has created a platform for these honorees to reach larger audiences because of the emphasis they put on sustainability in practice.” 3BL

Mohawk Industries uses the Continuum process to manufacture several different types of carpets, in hundreds of different styles and colors. Continuum was first introduced in the Fall of 2013, according o Mohawk, "starts clean and stays clean." With the patented purification system, Continuum removes approximately 95% of the lubricants left on the carpet fiber during the manufacturing process, which offers customers a more soil-resistant product.

Mohawk EverStrand Warranty

As with all floor covering products, in order to fully understand a warranty, the entire warranty document needs to be reviewed. Customers can not fully understand a warranty by reading the information that is printed on the back of a carpet sample. The information on the back of a sample is used for marketing purposes, and the vague information on the sample is simply not the real story. Most of the time, a customer can visit a company's website to get this information.

In general terms, Mohawk EverStrand has the following warranty:

General Stain Protection Lifetime

Household Pet Lifetime Pet Urine Stain

Soil Protection Lifetime

Abrasive Wear 15 year

Texture Retention 15 year

Fade Resistant 15 year

Manufacturing Defects 15 year

Warranty Coverage Includes Material

It is extremely important to read and understand the information in the warranty document. In most warranties, homeowners are tasked with care and maintenance procedures that need to be followed. Failure to follow these procedures could result in a warranty claim denial. With Mohawk EverStrand, the warranty has several items that are required.

As with all warranties (Mohawk EverStrand included), there is a whole laundry list of "exclusions." These would include:

  • Accidents, abuse, or abnormal wear

  • Area rugs

  • Carpet on stairs

  • Carpet stains resulting from commercial use

  • Carpet wear or routine maintenance

  • Changes in appearance

  • Crushing

  • Defects

  • Color loss

  • Footprints

  • Improper cleaning

  • Improper installation

  • Matting

  • Improper padding

  • Odors

  • Problems with Moisture

For a complete list of all the warranty exclusions, please download the Mohawk EverStrand Warranty Brochure listed above.

Mohawk EverStrand Carpet Care & Maintenance Tips

According to Mohawk Flooring:

  • When selecting carpet color, you should view large carpet samples during the day and by lamplight in the evening in the area of installation. The color you choose will look different under different lighting conditions.

  • Light-colored carpets will show more soil and require more maintenance than dark-colored carpets. Darker colors of carpeting are more effective in high-traffic areas. Multicolored and patterned carpets are especially effective in hiding soil.

  • The performance and quality of a carpet are directly related to the amount and quality of fiber that goes into the pile. The better the fiber and the denser it is packed, the better the carpet’s performance. Thin, less dense carpet will lose its surface appearance faster. Mohawk recommends buying the highest quality carpet you can afford. Mohawk EverStrand

General common sense care and maintenance guidelines should rule the day when taking care of new carpets:

  • Remove shoes when entering the house

  • Clean up spills as soon as possible

  • Read the manufacturer's cleaning guidelines on spills

  • Use the right type of vacuum cleaner

  • Have carpets professionally cleaned at least once every year

  • Vacuum on a regular basis

The Mohawk EverStrand Warranty has great information in it on how to clean up all sorts of different spills and stains. We recommend printing a copy of the entire warranty document for use. The warranty document outlines the cleaning procedures recommended for just about every type of stain. It is a wonderful reference guide that new EverStrand carpet owners should follow.

In busy households, it is also a great idea to put together a cleaning carpet caddy. By doing this, when spills happen, homeowners can simply reach into a closet to get the cleaning caddy, and all of the necessary cleaning materials will be right there, ready to go. to start a carpet cleaning caddy, simply look in the warranty. All of the cleaning items needed can be found in this document brochure. Local floor covering stores are also a good source for purchasing cleaning items.

Pets should be treated with car and kept well groomed. Any accidents that happen should be cleaned up right away. Avoid putting water and food bowls directly on the new carpet. Reference the EverStrand product warranty for more cleaning information with pet issues.

For more information on Mohawk EverStrand products, we have a great article, "Mohawk SmartStrand Cleaning Guide," that does a great job of walking through the entire Mohawk warranty, as well as what to do with stains, vacuums, etc.. The article covers not only SmartStrand products, but also all of the EverStrand products.

Mohawk Flooring places a huge concern on the type of vacuum cleaner used by homeowners. They have an entire section on their website that discusses the correct type of vacuum cleaning to use. Make sure prior to purchasing a new carpet, this information is fully understood. Failure to use the incorrect vacuum could result in a claim getting denied.



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To late my carpet has been cleaned without and with chemicals it never stays clean. Right after its cleaned it looks great for a couple of days the the yellowing comes back. I am so tired of this carpet. I will never purchase another smart strand again


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