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Top Mohawk Flooring SmartStrand Products

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Top Mohawk Flooring SmartStrand Products

Mohawk SmartStrand is made by Mohawk Flooring. The carpet is made from an artificial fiber, known as Triextra, which is a PTT polymer also known as DuPont Sorona. Triextra fiber is known for its durability, softness, and stain resistance, and is an environmentally safe product. Mohawk SmartStrand was introduced in 2005 and continues to be a very popular carpet for Mohawk Flooring. SmartStrand is available in a variety of styles, colors, and price levels. Mohawk Flooring sells SmartStrand through various retail floor covering stores across the United States.

Top Mohawk Flooring SmartStrand Products

Top Mohawk Flooring SmartStrand Products (Made In The U.S.A.)

Style Name Colors Style Name Colors

Revealing Beauty 10 Noteworthy Selection 48

True Unity 20 Homefront III 40

Casual Beauty 20 Refined Moment 24

Urban Style 16 Enduring Strength 10

Distinct Flair 24 Tender Moment 32

True Approach 16 Metro Charm 24

Sensational Charm 24 Unique Glamour 24

Flawless Vision 20 Captivating Outlook 8

Homefront II 40 Homefront I 40

Profound Approach 15 True Harmony 20

Global Perspective 20 Advanced Elements 28

Free Style 20 Chaplain Bay 10

Classical Design I 40 Exceptional Choice 48

Newland Pointe 10 Unique Direction 15

Classic Escape 12 Classic Design II 40

Savvy Approach 9 Design Details 8

Ideal Outlook 20 Forces of Fashion 16

Natural Decoration 20 Earthy Details II 12

Midtown loft 24 True Melody 9

Perfect Direction 9 Traditional Beauty 16

Placid Reflection 9 Striking Option 48

Gentle Path 24 Impressive Selection 15

Natural Intuition 20 Natural Structure I 12

Universal Edge 16 Graceful Manner 20

Tailored Essence 20 Authentic Notion 16

Downtown Spirit 16 Enduring Idea 20

Outstanding Artistry 24 Rural Elegance I 12

Flawless Reputation 24 Enduring Attraction 24

Timeless inspiration 20 Perfect Mix 16

Sweet Reflection 32 Classic Style 16

Vickery Place 20 Natural Decision 16

Remarkable Elegance24 Industrial Elegance 20

Skyline View 24 Crafted Style 32

City Sights 16 Contemporary Appeal 20

Renewed Vision 24 Easy Decoration 12

Remarkable Vision 15 Earthly Details I 12

Design Portrait 10 Memorable View 48

Effortless Choice 15 Natural Structure II 12

Downtown Lofts 6 Tonal Luxury 20

Exceptional Beauty 24 Tonal Allure 20

Peaceful Shades 9 Mosaic Tomes 24

Handcrafted Details 20 Posh Appeal 16

Impressive Arrival 9 Nautical Charm 15

Design Inspiration 20 Rural Elegance II 12

Impressive Edge 24 Opulent Details 20

Captivating Outlook 7 Timeless Form 20

Stylish Beauty 16 Authentic Escape 12

For a complete up-to-date listing of all Mohawk SmartStrand Carpets, please visit the Mohawk SmartStrand Website Page.

Mohawk Flooring SmartStrand Products - Zoo Challenge

Several years ago, in an effort to help promote SmartStrand carpet, Mohawk Flooring came up with a fun and unique marketing stunt. The idea was to place some SmartStrand carpet in a zoo and let the wild animals walk on it, and do their thing. The "Zoo Challenge" as it was called, took place in the Dallas Zoo. According to Sean Greene, Deputy Director of Education and Interpretation:

“Knowing these are truly wild animals, I thought there was no way this carpet could handle the wear and tear they would subject it too.” Daily Citizen-News

After taking severe abuse from elephants, camels, and a black rhino, the SmartStrand carpet was cleaned and evaluated, to see how it held up to a combined weight of 50,000 pounds. After two weeks, using only a hot water extraction, the SmartStrand carpet won the battle against the animals and proved to hold up under the most extreme environment.

While the experiment was a very fun and entertaining event, it really did wonders in demonstrating just how resilient the SmartStrand carpet is, and how it would perform in a normal home situation.

Recent Timeline of Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Products & Promotions

2005: SmartStrand introduced

2009: SmartStrand Sorona introduced

2009: The Rhino Challenge: Mohawk pitted SmartStrand carpet against the playful 1.5-ton Ricko the Rhinoceros in his Birmingham Zoo, and it survived.

2010: The Zoo Challenge: By carpeting the wildlife enclosures at the Dallas Zoo, Mohawk proved that people and animals alike are wild about SmartStrand carpet.

2011: The Family Challenge: Mohawk took the challenge to the Family Circle Cup and proved that active families are no match for SmartStrand carpet.

2012: SmartStrand Silk introduced

2012: The Kid Challenge: Mohawk searched the country to find America’s messiest kids, but not one of them could stain SmartStrand carpet.

2013: The Food Challenge: Mohawk took SmartStrand carpet on the road to 12 food festivals to show there’s no recipe that can outsmart SmartStrand.

2014: The Puppy Challenge: In the most adorable challenge yet, Mohawk installed carpet on the Puppy Bowl X field to prove that SmartStrand can stand up to stains and wear from household pets.

2015: SmartStrand Forever Clean introduced

2015: The Mud Challenge: Mohawk placed SmartStrand carpet at the finish line of Tough Mudders around the country, proving that SmartStrand Forever Clean is always a winner.

2016: All Pet Protection Warranty is added

2016: To the Max: Mohawk placed SmartStrand carpet in an enclosure with a 2.7-ton rhino for two weeks to prove that SmartStrand takes durability to the max.

2017: SmartStrand Silk Reserve introduced

2019: SmartStrand featuring ColorMax technology is introduced

2020: SmartStrand Silk destination display is introduced

2020: Karastan’s SmartStrand offering adds woven looks made using KaraLoom technology.

Mohawk SmartStrand Warranty

As with all floor covering products, in order to fully understand a warranty, the entire warranty document needs to be reviewed. Customers can not fully understand a warranty by reading the information that is printed on the back of a carpet sample. The information on the back of a sample is used for marketing purposes, and the vague information on the sample is simply not the real story. Most of the time, a customer can visit a company's website to get this information. With Mohawk EverStrand, we have taken the liberty to visit the Mohawk Industries Website and get the entire warranty document:

In general terms, Mohawk SmartStrand has the following warranty:

General Stain Protection Lifetime

Household Pet Lifetime Pet Urine Stain

Soil Protection Lifetime

Abrasive Wear 20 year

Texture Retention 20 year

Fade Resistant 20 year

Manufacturing Defects 20 year

Warranty Coverage Includes Material & Labor

It is extremely important to read and understand the information in the warranty document. In most warranties, homeowners are tasked with care and maintenance procedures that need to be followed. Failure to follow these procedures could result in a warranty claim denial. With Mohawk SmartStrand, the warranty has several items that are required.

As with all warranties (Mohawk SmartStrand included), there is a whole laundry list of "exclusions." These would include:

  • Accidents, abuse, or abnormal wear

  • Area rugs

  • Carpet on stairs

  • Carpet stains resulting from commercial use

  • Carpet wear or routine maintenance

  • Changes in appearance

  • Crushing

  • Defects

  • Color loss

  • Footprints

  • Improper cleaning

  • Improper installation

  • Matting

  • Improper padding

  • Odors

  • Problems with Moisture