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TruCor Floors Review

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

TruCor Floors Review

The Dixie Group, a longtime leader in the carpet industry, introduced TruCor, which is a vinyl tile & plank product, back in 2019. TruCor has multiple different styles and sizes, in both tile and wood plank looks. Trucor is a click-together product, suitable for all areas of the home. TruCor can be installed on a slab, on wood, and over most types of flooring (except carpet). TruCor is marketed in the DIY customer sector, and is promoted as a product very easy to install. TruCor is sold by various floor-covering retail stores across the United States.

TruCor Floors Review

About TruCor Floors

As a leader in the carpet industry for several years, The Dixie Group, saw the explosion in the industry of luxury vinyl tile & plank flooring and made the decision to expand their product offering, by entering the hard surface flooring marketplace.

This marketplace expansion came in 2019 with the introduction of TruCor. TruCor is a luxury vinyl tile and plank product, that comes in several different styles and colors. Within the TruCor product line are two collections of products, each with multiple styles and sizes:

  • TruCor SPC

  • TruCor Prime WPC

The TruCor SPC product line has many features promoted in the TruCor Catalog:

  • Advanced Performance Finish: This provides an exceptional level of scratch resistance and durability, even with a high level of foot traffic.

  • 20 Mil Wear Layer: This provides excellent protection against abrasion and wear.

  • Solid Polymer Core: A high-density core that makes this product waterproof, rigid, dimensionally strong and dent resistant.

  • Attached Underlayment: This is a factory-applied underlayment that helps with sound absorption, and helps conceal minor imperfections in the subfloor.

The TRuCor Prime WPC product line has many of the same features as TRuCor SPC, plus a few different construction notes:

  • Advanced Performance Finish: This provides an exceptional level of scratch resistance and durability, even with a high level of foot traffic.

  • 20 Mil Wear Layer: This provides excellent protection against abrasion and wear.

  • Vinyl Top Layer: A 2.5mm LVT topper made from 100% Virgin Viny

  • Wood Plastic Composite: A high-density wood plastic composite (WPC) core is waterproof, rigid, strong, dimensionally stable, and dent resistant

  • Attached Underlayment: This is a factory applied underlayment that helps with sound absorption, and help conceal minor imperfections in the subfloor.

According to a recent article in Floor Covering Weekly:

When it started in hard surface, TDG was carrying a Stainmaster branded WPC product, which it is currently moving away from, in favor of branding all its rigid core products under the TruCor umbrella. To this end, Stepp searched for the absolute perfect name to unify the rigid core products. “I brainstormed,” he said. “I wanted a name that flows off the tongue pretty easily, something that’s true to the category.” Ultimately, he settled on “TruCor — flooring simplified.” Floor Covering Weekly

Because The Dixie Group was late in getting in to the vinyl plank tile & plank marketplace, they needed to do something different. They needed to make their product stand out. The idea was to create a product that had great visuals, and that attracted the eye of the consumer:

Because TDG got into hard surface, particularly the rigid core segment, a bit later than its competitors, it created visuals for TruCor that would set the brand apart. The consumer doesn’t care so much about the format of the product but rather what it looks like and how it performs and, offering something a bit out of the box never hurts either shared Stepp. TruCor will be launched in an SPC tile visual format in 2020, with tile looks such as marbles, slate and travertine. It will be a well-rounded collection featuring integrated grout technology (ITG) so when the tiles are clicked together, there is a 2mm grout joint between them. Floor Covering Weekly

Products - TruCor SPC

Alpha Collection - The TRUCOR™ Alpha Collection is engineered to perform and features a dense 4mm SPC core with a 12 mil wear layer and TRUWEAR™ acrylic coating. This collection can take on spills, stains, and traffic from active families and pets. TRUCOR™ provides the perfect flooring option for residential and/or commercial interiors. For a complete list of current colors, please visit the TruCor Website

5 Series - The TRUCOR™ 5 Series is engineered with a dense 5.5mm SPC core and a 1.5mm IXPE attached pad for a total thickness of 7.0mm. A 20mil protective wear layer along with a 2X TRUWEAR™ acrylic coating, custom embossing and enhanced painted bevels make the 5 Series an excellent choice for any room. The 5 Series can take on the daily abuse that today’s active families and lifestyles can throw its way. Available in 5.5” x 48” and 5.6” x 60 planks, the TRUCOR™ 5 Series is perfect for both residential and/or commercial installations. For a complete list of current colors, please visit the TruCor Website

7 Series - The 7 Series by TRUCOR™ offers 6 Oak visuals in 7”x 48” plank format and 6 Oak visuals in 7” x 72” Plank format. Both sizes employ a 5.5mm SPC Core and a 1.5mm IXPE attached pad equaling a 7.0mm total thickness. A 20mil wear layer, TRUWEAR™ 2X Acrylic coating, custom embossing, and four-side enhanced painted bevel complete this stunning collection. The visuals range from rustic reclaimed White Oak to clean European White Oaks. The collection is on trend with today’s demand in color, shade, and tone offering the consumer a beautiful floor that is waterproof, easy to install, easy to maintain, and capable of being installed over most existing hard surface floors. For a complete list of current colors, please visit the TruCor Website

9 Series - TRUCOR™ enters the wide plank format with 12 SKUs. Available in 9” x 60” and 9” x 72” lengths, the 9 Series makes a bold statement in any home or commercial application. Available in 12 colorways, the TRUCOR™ 9 Series employs a 5.5mm SPC Core along with a 1.5mm IXPE pad for a total plank thickness of 7.0mm. Additional features and benefits include a 20mil wear layer, a TRUWEAR™ 2X Acrylic coating, custom embossing, and a 4-side painted bevel edge profile. On-trend color, shade, and tone provide for a collection of white oak visuals that are hard to distinguish from natural wood. For a complete list of current colors, please visit the TruCor Website

TruCor Tile - TRUCOR™ TILE possesses all the elegance, beauty, and durability of a porcelain tile or natural stone, with easy installation and minimal maintenance required. Install over existing hard surface flooring - no demolition or grouting required! Just click into place and enjoy your new floor immediately. TRUCOR™ TILE’s high-definition visuals are ready to complement any interior, with a pet- and kid-friendly features you’re sure to enjoy. Waterproof and easy to maintain and clean, each TRUCOR™ TILE selection offers a lifetime residential warranty. For a complete list of current colors, please visit the TruCor Website

Products - TruCor Prime WPC

TruCor Prime - TRUCOR™ PRIME 5” x 60”, 7” x 60”, and 9” x 60” Series are engineered with a 4mm WPC core, a 2.5mm vinyl top layer, and 1mm cork pad for a total thickness of 7.5mm. A 20mil protective wear layer along with a 2X TRUWEAR™ acrylic coating and custom embossing round out the Prime collections. Several SKUs employ an enhanced painted bevel edge further lending to the realistic wood visual. TRUCOR™ Prime offers a wide range of versatility in plank size, color and texture. For a complete list of current colors, please visit the TruCor Website

TruCor Prime XL/XXL - Prime XL from TRUCOR™ makes any room spectacular. Available in 7” x 72” and 9” x 72” formats, the XL collection offers clean European White Oak visuals that are trending in today’s design preferences. The collection offered in an 8mm total thickness WPC construction provides an IXPE attached pad, 20mil wear layer a 2X TRUWEAR™ Acrylic coating, Embossed In Register technology, and a 4 side painted bevel edge. XL brings to market a collection of 10 SKUs that rival real hardwood. It can be installed over most existing hard surface flooring, is waterproof, pet and kid friendly, and can take the punishment today’s busy family can place on it. XL also offers a lifetime residential warranty and 10-year commercial warranty. For a complete list of current colors, please visit the TruCor Website

TruCor Floors - Product Warranty

As with any floor covering product, in order to gather information on what is covered in the warranty, as a customer, you need to print and read the entire warranty document. You simply can not rely on the information that is printed on the back of a sample or on the front of a showroom display.

For additional warranty information, as well as installation and care & maintenance instructions, you can visit the TruCor Floors Website.

TruCor Floors - Conclusion

We have given TruCor Floors a rating of 4 stars. We love this product. TruCor Floors offers a wide selection of products, with tons of different colors and board sizes. The tile line comes in a large format, which is difficult to find.

You won't be able to find Trucor Floors at every retail floor covering store. If you are shopping for this product, we recommend visiting their website and clicking the Find A Retailer website page.

Overall, TruCor Floors offers a quality product, at a very competitive price point. Not only do they have wonderful tile and wood product sizes, but they have a great color selection.

Please note this website contains affiliate links which means we may earn a commission if you choose to buy one of the products we recommend. You can read our full disclosure at the bottom of the page.



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To late my carpet has been cleaned without and with chemicals it never stays clean. Right after its cleaned it looks great for a couple of days the the yellowing comes back. I am so tired of this carpet. I will never purchase another smart strand again


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