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Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Washable 3x5 Rugs

Ther e are different types of rugs, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. A washable rug, however, can be the best choice if you want to create the illusion of an immaculate home without all the work and expense involved in cleaning traditional area rugs. Read on to learn more about the best washable rugs out there, as well as how to take care of them to keep your floors clean and shiny for years to come. Rugs can be hard to take care of, especially if you have kids, pets or lots of visitors who are tracking in mud and dirt from outside. If you love the look of rugs, but don't want to spend all your time cleaning them, try these washable 3x5 rugs for some easy-care flooring that still looks great. This way, you won't have to choose between style and convenience!

Washable 3x5 Rugs

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Where should I buy my washable 3x5 rug?

Shopping online is the best option. There are so many websites that offer a wide selection of great rugs for you and your family, so it can be easy to find one that works for your space. It also allows you to browse through a large selection without having to deal with pushy salespeople or other shoppers who are just there browsing and don't really have an interest in buying anything. A rug should last a long time, which makes it worth the investment of your time and money.

Plus, online websites have tons of customer reviews. Customer feedback is invaluable when trying to figure out what type of material will work best for your home, so make sure to look at these before making a purchase. Reading through them will help you figure out if the color and pattern are right for what you're looking for or if people mention any difficulties they had while washing their rugs.

Finally, make sure that when shopping online you're on a site that offers free returns. This way you can always send back any rug that doesn't fit or look as good in your space as it did in your computer screen. You'll never be stuck with a rug that you don't like and can't use, no matter where you buy it. So, the next time you need to replace your rug, consider all of the benefits of shopping online!

Do you need a rug pad?

Yes. You do need a rug pad. The best rugs are washable, but still need a place to stay put when they're not in the washer. A rug pad keeps your rug from slipping on the floor, even if it does get wet during cleaning. If you have a hardwood floor, for instance, the pad will help keep your rug from scratching and dinging up your floors as well as keeping it in place so you can walk on it without getting your feet tangled up!

amazon is a great place to shop for an area rug pad. They carry a wide variety of sizes and styles of rug pads, with or without adhesive backing. Whatever type of rug pad you decide to buy, make sure it fits your space before buying- otherwise there won't be any room left over for your new amazing wool area rug!

Amazon carries a wide range of sizes and styles of rug pads, including felt and rubber. There are even special types like anti-fatigue pads that can help reduce stress on your feet while standing on hard flooring surfaces. As long as your rug is washable, you can get an area rug pad to match it at amazon!

Ten Wonderful Washable 3x5 Rugs

(1) Gorilla Grip Original Ultra Soft Area Rug:

With a product line of 26 colors (too many to individually name), this soft, solid color shag washable 3x5 area rug would be the perfect option for a master bedroom or kids' bedroom. Plus, each of the colors comes in a variety of size options. The color options are so large, customers could find a color that would work in any room. Homeowners could put this rug next to a bed, in front of the living room sofa, or next to a fireplace. This would be the perfect soft and comfortable rug for sitting on the floor and watching a movie. Currently, with over 13,000 Amazon reviews, this product continues to be a popular online product. This is a machine washable area rug that can be tumbled dry. This is sold at a very aggressive price point and might be the perfect option for the consumer looking to fil a room void with an affordable area rug.

(2) ReaLife Machine Washable Rug:

This Moroccan washable 3x5 area rug collection comes in fourteen colors: beige/ivory, blue/ivory, charcoal gray/ivory, gray/ivory, light blue/ivory, orange/ivory, beige blue/orange, berry purple/orange, brick red/beige, dark blue/gray, blue, gray, ivory/multi, stripe blue and stripe gray. Each of these colors also has many different size options. Be careful when looking at this collection, as each color has a unique beautiful design. This would be a wonderful product to put in almost any room of the house. With tons of designs (shapes, curvy lines, arrows) and color, this product would bring out all of the other room colors. This would be a great rug for a busy household. when it gets dirty, stick it in the washer, then air dry. With tons of online sales and reviews, this product is sold at a great price, it has a beautiful design, and would be a great purchase.

(3) ReaLife Rugs Machine Washable Rug:

Another Moroccan style washable 3x5 area rug collection that has nine colors: blue, light blue, tan/gold, beige/ivory, blue/ivory, gray/ivory, blue, gray and orange. Each of these nine colors has many different size options. Likewise, each color has the potential of having different designs. As shown in the picture (left) the gray color has large triangle patterns in the center, surrounded by secondary lines and shapes. This would be a wonderful addition to any room decor. This is a unique product that customers won't find in a local store. While the gray color has a triangle pattern, the blue color (as an example) has a completely different pattern. The blue color is full of abstract shapes and color, (see below picture) making this collection comprised of many different rug designs, all in one collection.

Made of recycled synthetic fibers, this is a machine washable product. Simply toss it in the washing machine, then air dry. With a 4 1/2-star Amazon rating, this product continues to grow in popularity, and remains a very hot selling online product.

(4) Well Woven Overdyed Helode Machine Washable:

This product is a mix of between a solid color tonal and a traditional floral distressed area rug style. This collection comes in eight colors: blue/red, dark blue, green, grey, pink, purple, red and rust. Each color has a main color, accented by a secondary color that outlines the traditional pattern. Likewise, each color has many different size options. Each color is somewhat distressed, making this a soft and comfortable washable 3x5 rug that would look great in both a formal room and informal room. The floral pattern in the design is subtle and quiet and blends in nicely with the distressed colors. This product would coordinate very well with almost any wall paint color or furniture style. Customers looking to fill a room void with a pretty, yet inexpensive area rug, might enjoy looking at this product. Once again, this is a machine washable product that should be air dried. A great rug for an entryway or hallway.

(5) nuLOOM Ren Machine Washable Vintage Floral:

This is a vintage peach color washable 3x5 area rug, that also comes in many different size options. As shown in the picture, the peach color is in the middle of the area rug, surrounded by a secondary color of light brown, that outlines the floral pattern. This is beautiful area rug for a casual or formal living space. The peach color in the rug makes this product the perfect choice for light colored furniture, or to accent light wall paint colors. The overall color is soft and subtle and would do a great job of coordinating and drawing out other room decor themes. A machine washable area rug that should be line dried. with a low pile height, this area rug should hold up very well in high traffic areas of the home. With a sleek look and non-slip backing this area rug collection is a great option when there is a concern for avoiding trip hazards in a room.

(6) Mylife Rugs Traditional Vintage:

A traditional vintage area rug collection that comes in six colors: blue/grey, blue/red, multi, red/pink, red/blue and red/turquoise. This is a vibrant color area rug collection, with strong crisp colors. The perfect area rug for an entryway, hallway or family room. Each primary color also has many different secondary colors in the design. This multicolored washable 3x5 area rug collection would certainly liven up any room, as well as bring out the other colors in a room. This non-shedding, stain resistant area rug is machine washable, and should hold up very well in high traffic areas. Each of the six colors has many different size options. This product is promoted as a kid friendly and pet friendly rug. Currently, with over 500 online reviews, this collection supports a 4 1/2-star rating. Sold at a great price, this collection of area rugs continues to be a top selling product.

(7) Hand Woven Cotton Reversible Area Rug:

This is a hand-woven cotton washable 3x5 area rug collection that has four colors: blue, coffee, grey and wine. A soft spoken, tonal solid color area rug collection, that features design tassels. Each color comes in a variety of size options. This would be a wonderful casual area rug for a living room or bedroom. The subtle colors, while adding color to the room, also add a taste of class and elegance. Many customers use this product in hallways, purchasing the runner size. With over 500 amazon reviews, and a rating of 4 1/2 stars, this collection continues to be a very popular online product. Sold at an aggressive price, this hand-woven product would be a good fit for the budget minded consumer that is looking for a quality and durable product, that is also sold at a great price.

(8) RUGGABLE Machine Washable Area Rug - Southwestern Collection

A transitional southwestern area rug collection that is black and white. The main color of the rug is white, accented by black, which outlines the southwestern design. Besides the southwestern design, it has a slight geometric design mixed in with the pattern. This is a very elegant and stylish area rug, that is durable, has a low pile height, and would be the perfect inexpensive rug to place in that needed spot. As shown in the picture, this would be a wonderful area rug for the side of a master bed, or even in an entryway. This collection has four different sizes and should be a very durable product. The washable 3x5 area rug size is ideal for hallways, entryways, by a bed or next to a living room chair. This is a machine washable product that should be incredibly easy to keep clean.

(9) nuLOOM Hart Machine Washable Abstract Tribal:

This is a very unique abstract tribal area rug. The grey color somewhat hides the pattern, making this collection a classy and tasteful rug for most any room. As shown in the picture, this product would look beautiful on a dark hardwood floor, surrounded by "grayish" furniture. This collection comes in many different size options. The abstract pattern is full of shapes, lines and abstract features. This is a machine washable 3x5 area rug, that should be washed in a commercial front-loaded machine. It has a low pile height, with a non-slip backing. An ideal rug for high traffic areas of the home. With the many different size options, customers are placing this product in entryways, hallways, bedrooms and living rooms. This collection is promoted as being pet and kid friendly, stain resistant and very easy to clean.

(10) nuLOOM Elen Machine Washable Natural Leaves:

This olive color machine washable 3x5 area rug has a huge leaf pattern, and is full of olive, off white and brown colors. As shown in the picture, this would be a pretty product placed over a hardwood floor, surrounded by large plants and light-colored furniture. This collection of rugs is a very modern piece, full of fashion and creativity. This would be a wonderful product for a four seasons room, or for a modern living room. This NuLOOM collection comes in many different size options. It is machine washable and should hold up extremely well in high traffic areas. It has a low pile height and a non-slip backing. This is one of those products that customers either love or hate. It currently has a 4 1/2-star amazon rating. It continues to be a popular online product.



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