What Are The Easiest Flooring Types To Keep Clean When You Have Children At Home?

What Are The Easiest Flooring Types To Keep Clean When You Have Children At Home?

Children can cause havoc on flooring. Liquid spills, food spills, toys, and more can all potentially damage and stain flooring. Picking the right type of flooring can help save time in cleaning and upkeep. Manufacturers develop specific products that are children friendly, and are designed for easy clean up.

Carpet With Children At Home....

Carpet is still the most popular type of flooring in both new home construction and in remodeling projects. Homeowners continue to enjoy the feel of carpet, especially with a nice thick carpet pad underneath their feet.

However, when you have small children in the home, keeping your carpet clean can be quite the difficult task. One of the best ways to minimize cleaning times, is to purchase a carpet that has "children -friendly" features and product warranties.

One of the more popular products in the carpet industry is: Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet. Mohawk Flooring developed SmartStrand Carpet many years, and it is promoted as one of the most durable, stain resistant carpets in the marketplace.

When SmartStrand was first introduced, Mohawk developed a fun marketing video to help promote the products durability.

Credit: SmartStrand Zoo Challenge

With children in the home, SmartStrand Carpet would be a wonderful choice for bedrooms and living rooms. Spills would be very easy to clean up, as well as cleaning up dirt and dust that is dragged in from the outside. We have a very good article, "SmartStrand Carpet Cleaning Guide," that goes in to this product in greater detail.

In addition to Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet, another great carpet product to look at would be: Shaw Floors R2X Products. A competing brand to Mohawk, Shaw Floors developed a carpet technology system they call "R2X." With R2X products, liquid spills bubble up on the surface of the carpet, as opposed to soaking in to the carpet fiber. Again, with the activity of kids in the home, R2X products would be a great choice for carpet.

Credit: Shaw Carpet

When looking at carpet options, if you are concerned with wear and tear, make sure you speak with your sales professional about looking at children friendly carpets, and carpets that have great stain protection qualities.

Also, don't forget about the carpet pad. It is better to pay a little extra for a good stain protection pad, than to purchase a basic, standard grade pad (that won't hold up).

Ceramic Flooring With Children At Home...

Many homeowners enjoy the benefits and look of ceramic tile in kitchens, entryways, laundry rooms and bathrooms. Ceramic tile comes in all sorts of different sizes, colors and styles.

Maintenance of ceramic tile is very easy, and for most purposes, ceramic tile is very forgiving when it comes to liquid spills and dirt clean-up. Simply grab your dust mop, or a small mop and water bucket, and you are good to go.

This makes ceramic tile a wonderful choice for home flooring, especially in heavy traffic rooms that have water access.

Customers also install ceramic tile in living spaces, such as a bedroom or living room area. In this case, it is common to place area rugs on top of the ceramic tile for a softer feel and look.

One of the drawbacks to ceramic tile is the hardness of the floor. With kids present, any falls could be dangerous, as well as being a cold floor on your foot.

Ceramic tile can also be a little slippery when wet, and might not be the best option if you have small children that are learning to walk.

A good option to consider with ceramic floor tile would be to stay away from the "glossy" products, and look at more of the matte finish products, that will be more slip resistant products.

Another concern with ceramic tile is with children's toys and play. Ceramic tile can scratch. Rough play on the floor with heavy toys might be a problem on your floor. Ceramic tile is a difficult product to repair. Kids with cars, trucks, etc... might have the potential of scratching the floor. If you have ceramic tile in the home, it is best to establish a house rule to play on the floors in other areas of the home.

Hardwood Flooring With Children At Home...

While hardwood flooring is a beautiful product, and adds value to any home, it can be a difficult product to maintain with children in the home. Homeowners will need to set strict home guidelines for family members to keep their hardwood flooring looking fresh and clean.

Some of these guidelines would include:

  1. Taking off shoes when entering the home

  2. Placing floor mats next to all outside doors

  3. Felt pads on table and chair legs

Hardwood flooring can be purchased in solid products, or in what's called "engineered hardwood flooring." The engineered flooring products tend to be a little more durable and easier to clean.

The species of the hardwood flooring is also a big factor in the floor maintenance. The harder the wood species, the easier to will be to limit scratching and floor problems.

Pre-finished hardwood flooring comes with a factory finish that will help prevent scratching. However, with kids in the home, scratching and damage to the floor can be of real concern, especially if rough play is allowed on the floor.