What Size Of Area Rug Should I Buy For My Room?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

There are a ton of places you can shop online to buy an area rug. However, before you start overwhelming yourself with styles and colors, you must first determine the "size" of the area rug that your room needs. So, what is the best way to figure this out? What are some of the things you should consider? This article will go over some of our recommendations.

The most popular size rugs are 5' x 8', 8' x 10' and 10' x 12'. However, you will find that retailers sell rugs in all kinds of different sizes. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Most of the guidelines you will find online suggest your area rug should cover all of the furniture legs you have in your space, except for a coffee table, which is okay to be off the rug.

2. You want to make sure you leave space between your rug and the wall. Don't run your area rug directly to the wall base.

3. Visualize your space, and determine how you want your room to look. A good way to do this is with masking tape. Just map out your rug size with some tape. This will give you a good visual representation of what your room will look like. Then, take your measuring tape out, and you now have the size of the rug you need.

In general terms, here is a chart that might help:

Room Size Recommended Rug Size

5'X7' 3'X5' SHOP HERE

7'X10' 5'X8' SHOP HERE

10'X12' 8'X10' SHOP HERE

11'X14' 9'X12' SHOP HERE

Don't forget about "runner rugs." These rugs can look great in an entryway, hallway, kitchen or beside a bed. Likewise, round rugs can be popular for underneath a kitchen table / dining room space.

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