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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Flooring?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Flooring?

If customers scan the internet looking to answer the question, "when is the best time of year to buy flooring," they will see article after article that indicate specific time periods when floor coverings go on sale. This article debunks these claims. Homeowners that are asking, "when is the best time of year to buy flooring," should read on to understand the actual facts about how stores price flooring materials.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Flooring?

Some things to consider

As we write this article, it is two days before Christmas. Many articles on the internet tell customers this is the perfect time to buy flooring. The theory goes like this: stores are looking to increase sales before the year ends, and they slash prices in an attempt to end the calendar year on a high note. Many stores will promote weekend sales by offering free installation or free furniture moving, or some other type of "free" service. Another popular promotion is the "buy one get one free" sale.

However, let's back up for a second and take a look at some basic principles of business. Retail floor covering stores are in business to make money. Lots of money. Stores are not going to give away anything for "free."

We all have that one store in town that advertises like crazy. Every time the television or radio gets turned on; this store's advertisement is played. Every time a daily newspaper is printed, this store's advertisement is on the front page. Every time the computer is logged in to social media, this store's banner advertisement appears.

Retail stores pay a lot of money for these advertisements. The sole purpose of these advertisements is to get customers to their stores. They want customers in their stores, so they will spend money. Lots of money. Stores are not spending tons of money to attract customers, simply so they can give stuff away for "free."

The very idea that stores are going to promote better sales during specific times of the year, is complete nonsense. In fact, it is the other way around. Stores will take advantage of specific times of the year to drive traffic to their stores so that customers will spend MORE money.

How Do Stores Make Money From These Sales?

Honestly, there are numerous ways flooring stores will make money from these too-good-to-be-true sales. Customers should have an understanding of how the store sales process works. Let's take a look at a few examples:

The Free Carpet Pad Sale: This is one of our favorites. First of all, it should be noted that carpet pad is a HUGE profit item for retail stores. Stores buy carpet pads in bulk, at an extremely low price. They turn around and sell carpet pads at an extremely HIGH price. The sale promotion goes like this: stores will advertise free carpet pads with the purchase of any carpet. Customers will flock to the store to get the free pad. Once they pick out their carpet, the customer will ask about the "free carpet pad." The store sales representative will gladly show them samples of the store-in-stock carpet pad. Stores will usually carry 3 or 4 carpet pads (good, better, best, very best). The store sales representative will place each carpet pad sample on the floor and suggest to the customer they walk on each sample to get a "feel" of the pad. The free pad (that is in the sale promotion) will be the thinnest pad in the group. Once the customer walks on all of the samples, the majority of the time, the customer will choose one of the upgraded pads. BOOM...just like that, the customer is now paying for the carpet pad, and the store makes an additional sale.

The BOGO (Buy One Get One) Sale: This is another one of our favorites. The sales promotion goes like this: during this special time of the year, for this week only, the store will be offering a buy one square foot of laminate and get one square foot for free promotion. This sounds like an incredible opportunity, right? Let's take a closer look. Retail floor covering stores put a crazy high sales price on their items. In most cases, store sales representatives have been given instructions to work within a certain price range, in order to get the sale. For example, if a customer walks in and gets quoted a price of $5.00 a square foot, but they reject that price, the sales representative might be able to reduce the price to $2.50 a square foot in an effort to close the sale. However, with the BOGO Sale, the offer is only valid when using the published retail price. So, in reality, the customer is not getting anything for free. The store makes a sale. The customer thinks they got a great deal, but in truth, they paid a higher price than needed.

Free Carpet and Pad Disposal: Customers that purchase a new carpet, need to dispose of their old carpet. In most cases, it is way too much material for the local trash pick-up. In some instances, stores will include this as a sale promotion. This is laughable. The removal and disposal of old carpet and pad is part of the installation price. No store is going to roll up the old material and just leave it in the customer's yard. Likewise, no store is going to lose a sale, because they refuse to haul away the old carpet and pad. Every store in the country has dumpsters in the back of their facility for installers to dump old carpets. There are no savings with this promotion.

Free Furniture Moving: This promotion is similar to the last one discussed. No store in the country is going to lose a sale because they refuse to move furniture. Stores will be happy to move most pieces of furniture, and they will simply hide the furniture moving price in the overall installation cost. Furniture moving is a basic necessity of retail floor covering remodeling projects, and every store knows this. Once again, there are no savings with this promotion.

How Do Customers Get The Best Price On Flooring?

Hopefully, at this point, we have demonstrated how ridiculous it is to think a better price is to be had at specific times of the year. The question that needs to be answered is: when is the best time of year to buy flooring?" The answer is: all year long. Customers simply need to understand the buying process. We have a great article (that we published many months ago), "How To Buy Flooring For Your Home," that does a great job of explaining the process.

Briefly, the retail floor covering stores will typically have at least one person that works in the commercial market. The commercial market would be defined as any project that is not an occupied residence (new home construction, office, school, hospital, apartments, etc...). These sales representatives work on much lower margins, as compared to the store's retail staff. One method of getting a great price on floor coverings is to align a project with one of these commercial salespeople. The article link above outlines this strategy.

A second way to get the best price is to competitively shop. Customers should not rely on one store. Customers should get 2 or 3 prices, and they should make sure that all of the stores know they are competing for the business.

Conclusion - When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Flooring?

There is no best time of the year to buy flooring. Don't fall for the sales gimmicks. Don't fall for the special sales (that seem too good to be true). Don't fall for the internet articles that preach buying during certain calendar dates. The bottom line: there is no best time of the year to buy flooring.

Customers should purchase the floor covering just like any other major project. Research the project, shop around at multiple stores, and make a buying decision based on the comfort level with a store, as well as price.

Special retail store promotions are advertised to attract customers. Customers should not be fooled by these sales offerings. Stores are in business to make money. Lots of money. These promotions during special times of the year are not done for the benefit of the customer. In reality, a customer might spend MORE money if they purchase during a special sale weekend.

As a final point: keep in mind that the retail floor covering store sales representatives (as a general rule) works on commission. In other words, the more product they sell, the more money they earn. Every floor covering project being quoted is negotiable. The customer has the advantage. The store sales representative will do everything possible to get the order. If a customer does not like the price, they should ask for a better one. Customers will never get the best price, simply because it is during a special time of the calendar year.


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