Where Can I Buy Cheap Solid Color Area Rugs Online?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

One of the main consumer frustrations in the floor covering industry is determining where you can go to buy cheap solid color area rugs? For that matter, consumers often wonder, "where can I buy ANY area rug? Most of the local floor covering stores have stopped selling area rugs altogether. Try finding a local brick & mortar store in your area to shop for an area rug...good luck!

Retail stores have determined over the years, their retail space is better served with using that space for more floor displays (carpet, hardwood, LVT, etc...). In most communities, the consumer is stuck with shopping for area rugs at a box store. The box stores usually have a very limited selection of rugs. Likewise, if you are lucky enough to find a floor covering store that still sells modern day rugs, they are usually way over-priced.

1. Where can I buy cheap area rugs online?

Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, Wayfair, Target, Lowes

2. Who has the best prices for area rugs?

There are several online stores that sell hundreds of different types of area rugs. When shopping online, you need to consider the following factors:

- Coupon codes

- Speed of Shipping

- Warranty/Return Information

At BestRugPrices.com we scan the internet to find you the best deals.

3. Where is the best place to buy area rugs?

At BestRugPrices.com we feel Amazon has great options for all sorts of area rugs. We base this opinion on pricing, number of reviews, and speed of shipping.

4. How much does an 8x10 area rug cost?

Area rug pricing can vary from style to style. When shopping, visit retailers and look for the same or similar rugs. Prices will fluctuate from site to site. To get competitive pricing, try coping the exact title of your rug, and then pasting that tile in to the search bar of a competitive retailer

Our recommendation is to start with Best Rug Prices. We base this recommendation on the following:

- Hundreds of options.

- Great consumer review program

- Fast shipping

- Pricing

If you can't find the rug you're looking for on Amazon, our next choice would be Overstock & Wayfair. These two sites have different rugs than Amazon. There pricing can be higher, but you can also find some great deals.

At BestRugPrices.com we scan the internet to bring you the best deals available online. We invite you to visit our site and explore your options. We are very "video-oriented," and try to show has many products pictures as possible.

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