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Where Is The Best Flooring Store (In Every Town)?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Where Is The Best Flooring Store?

Shopping for floor covering can be a difficult task. Depending on the size of a community, flooring stores could be plentiful, or they could be sparse. Trying to determine where is the best flooring store, can be quite overwhelming and confusing. In this article, we will discuss our views on where the best flooring store every town.

Where Is The Best Flooring Store?

Let's Take A Look At The Types Of Flooring Retail Stores

There are really two types of retail floor covering stores:

  • Cash & Carry Store

  • Display Store

The cash and carry stores are stores that have all of their materials in stock and ready to walk out the door. This type of store is typically what customers see in large box stores. There are also several small, family-owned flooring stores that use this business model. The idea for this store concept is simple: buy materials at an extremely low price, then sell each item at a profit.

The cash-and-carry stores are popular with the DIY community and with professional installers. These types of stores search for closeout deals, manufacturer's promotional items, etc. Full rolls of carpet and pallets of hard surface flooring materials are displayed right in the middle of the showroom, for customers to touch and feel. Since these stores are buying closeout products, once their inventory has been sold, that's usually it. In many cases, trying to buy the same product after the fact is very difficult.

The display store business model works on an entirely different concept. These stores typically inventory very little product. Instead, their showroom space is filled with product displays. When customers buy material, the store orders the material from the manufacturer and has it shipped to the store. This process can take anywhere from one week to several months. Display stores usually have more of a product variety than cash and carry stores, however, the customer must be willing to wait on getting the product.

Which Store Business Model Is The Best?

Neither one is the best. It is like trying to compare apples and oranges. Both stores are completely different, in business to serve customers in a different way. Both types of stores can be extremely successful, and both types of stores can offer customers a five-star experience.

How Stores Compete

Keep in mind that stores are in business to make money, lots of money. Stores will develop policies and practices that give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. One of the ways a store attempts to gain an advantage is with the products they sell. Stores sell different flooring products from different manufacturers. Stores also put "private label" tags on samples. The idea is to make it extremely difficult for the customer to price shop. The last thing a flooring retail store wants a customer to do is to take a sample out of their store and visit a competing store to get a price.

Stores will align themselves with specific product manufacturers. In these business arrangements, the manufacturer will agree to not sell their products to the competitor down the street, or they will give the retailer better pricing, in exchange for that store to utilize a certain percentage of showroom space for the manufacturer's product displays.

Likewise, many stores will put "private labels" on the back of carpet samples. A private label is a fictitious name, only recognized by the store. This prevents a customer from getting a competitive price from another flooring store (on the same product).

If the competing store can't buy from a certain manufacturer, or if they can't determine what a product is (because it has a private label), then they can't price it out for the customer. The only option that competing store has is to price out a "similar" product. This makes it very difficult for the shopper, as they can't get an apples-to-apples price comparison.

Where Is The Best Flooring Store (In Every Town)?

We believe in order to answer this question, customers need to look at the following factors:

  • Store Appearance (inside and outside)

  • Years In Business

  • Online Reviews

  • Professional Staff

Store Appearance

Having strangers tear up areas of your home can be a nerve-racking experience. Customers should want a flooring store to have pride in their business and appearance. Why would a customer let a store into their home to work, if that store can't maintain its own workspace?

Is the outside of the store neat and maintained? Do they take care of their lawn, or upon entering, is their lawn constantly uncut and full of dead grass? What about the store's signage? If they have a street sign, does it work, or are the bulbs constantly burnt out? Is the building neatly painted, or is it rusting out and about ready to crack apart? A store should take pride in its building.

Upon entering the store's showroom, is it clean and neat, or is it a giant mess? Are the product samples neatly in order, or are they laying on the floor, thrown next to a wall, etc.. What about the overhead lighting in the showroom? Is it bright and easy to see the flooring products, or are half the light bulbs missing and very dark? Does the store's showroom have products on the floor they are selling, or is the showroom floor full of discontinued products that can't be purchased? After all, this is a flooring store. Why would a flooring store put products on the floor in their showroom that customers can't buy?

Years In Business

While this factor is somewhat questionable, as a customer, it is easier to research a flooring company that has been in business for several years, versus a brand-new store (that has no history).

A start-up business is most likely going to go out of its way to service new customers (to get started with a good reputation), while established stores will have systems in place that have already worked out the kinks and issues.

Online Reviews

We think online reviews are a huge part of the buying process. In an effort to seek out the best flooring store, customers should not forget about online reviews. Only a small percentage of customers will actually take the time to publish an online review. Many customers are just too lazy to write a review, many customers don't want the publicity, while many customers simply never even think about it. So, if a store has tons of reviews, it's a good bet that the store does a lot of work.

When reading customer reviews, readers should not look at just one or two positive or negative reviews. There will always be unique review perspectives that don't represent the overall feeling of that store. Rather, readers should first look at the most recent reviews first and try to get an overall feeling of what is being shown in the reviews. For example, it makes no sense to make a determination about a store, based on 10-year-old reviews. Since the time of those older reviews, multiple store staff has probably been replaced, and those older reviews are just not relevant.

On the flip side, if a store has 10 or 15 reviews that are only 6 months old, and they are all positive, that would be a good indication this particular store has its act together.

Professional Staff

This is one of the most important determining store factors. As a customer, upon entering a store, are you immediately greeted at the door, or upon entering are you walking around for 15 minutes before anyone even notices you? What about the appearance of the salesperson? Is that salesperson professionally dressed, or do they look like they just crawled out of bed?

Does the store salesperson deliver on their promises, or as a customer, do you have to reach out to the salesperson to get anything done? Does the salesperson listen to your needs, or are they pushing you to certain products?


The best flooring store in every town is the one that rates the best with our list of ranking criteria. The best flooring store could be the small cash and carry corner store, or it could be the large display store that is located in the busiest section of town.

When trying to make a store determination, we advise customers to keep their eyes open, and look at everything. Sometimes the smallest detail can give customers a great insight on the type of customer service they will receive.

Remember, as the customer, these store installers will be working in your home. These store salespeople will be assisting in helping you spend your money. As a customer, you should demand to work with a professional store and professional and ethical staff. It is very easy to spot the stores to stay away from, if you know what to look for.

The best store in every town is the store that has policies and practices in place from beginning to end. The store that takes pride in their reputation and store appearance and the store that has great customer reviews, this is the store that deserves your business.


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