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White Oak Hardwood Flooring - Is This Product Durable?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

White Oak Hardwood Flooring - Is This Product Durable?

White Oak Hardwood Flooring is found throughout the eastern part of the United States and is a very popular and durable hardwood floor in both homes and businesses. Compared to other species of wood, white oak flooring is in the middle of the pack when it comes to its hardness rating. It is a durable product and performs very well if it is properly installed and maintained.

White Oak Hardwood Flooring - Is This Product Durable?

What Are Some of the Popular Trends in White Oak Hardwood Flooring?

In today's marketplace, wide and long boards are one of the most popular trends. White oak hardwood flooring is a great product for showing off extra-large planks. Customers love the feel of a clean, modern fresh flooring approach. Likewise, the light color of this product goes with most wall and furniture colors.

Durability is a hot trend in floor covering. Customers are not afraid to spend money on floor covering projects, but they want their flooring to last. White oak hardwood is an excellent choice for durability. It is one of the more scratch resistant hardwood floors, and with the lighter colors, white oak hardwood does a great job in hiding accidents that happen to the floor.

Variety is a popular trend in floor covering. Customers like the idea of being able to look at products that have different board widths, different lengths, and different colors. White oak hardwood flooring is a perfect fit for this trend. Most manufacturers sell white oak in both a solid and engineered format, as well as in a variety of styles and colors. Having a product in both solid and engineered forms is a wonderful advantage for homeowners that have different issues going on with their remodeling project.

White oak hardwood flooring is a great choice for a living room, kitchen, hallway or bedroom. One of the more popular trends with hardwood flooring is to put hardwood throughout the main floor of a home. Many customers are getting away from carpet, and hardwood flooring seems to be a popular choice of flooring to install.

The natural look and warm tone look is a hot trend in hardwood flooring. White oak hardwood provides customers that natural look that compliments all of the other floor decor styles in their home. Natural and warm colors are great for resale, and white oak hardwood flooring is a perfect way for homeowners to add value to their home.

Is White Oak Hardwood Flooring Still Popular?

Absolutely. Natural looks, warm tone colors are extremely popular in the floor covering world. White oak is a perfect fit for this trending color and style.

If you go into any floor covering store, take a look around at their samples. Flooring stores will display the products and colors that are hot. In today's marketplace, stores are full of light color samples. No matter what the product is (luxury vinyl tile & plank, ceramic, carpet or hardwood), they all offer many different light color options.

You can also judge the popularity of a hardwood species by the number of manufacturers that sell that type of product. White oak flooring is sold by almost every manufacturer that has products in the United States. White oak is found in the eastern part of the United States, so it makes sense for manufacturers to develop products that will take advantage of the wood inventory.

White oak flooring is a great fit for almost all wall paint colors and furniture styles. No matter if a customer is going for that modern look, or that farmhouse look, white oak hardwood flooring will offer samples that will work.

You can purchase white oak in both a solid or engineered format. Hardwood flooring is sold for both remodeling projects in existing homes, as well as in new home construction. The different styles and colors available in the marketplace make hardwood flooring an attractive option for floor covering buyers.

White oak flooring is available in different grades of hardwood, which make the product even more appealing to customers looking for that unique and special look.

Plus, customers are trending toward hardwood products that are durable and scratch resistant. While all flooring products have the potential to scratch, white oak is a hard species of wood, that offers better scratch resistant properties than some of the other softer hardwood products.

How Do You Clean White Oak Hardwood Flooring?

In general, hardwood flooring is very easy to maintain. Homeowners just need to use some commonsense cleaning and maintenance procedures to keep their floor clean. Here is a list of some basic things to keep in mind:

  1. Place floor mats inside all doors that lead outside.

  2. When entering the house, have everyone take off their shoes.

  3. Don't place dog water and food bowls directly on the hardwood floor.

  4. Don't use a vacuum cleaner that has a harsh rotating brush.

  5. Don't clean a hardwood floor with harsh chemicals.

  6. Don't clean a hardwood floor with a mop and bucket.

  7. Put felt pads on all of the table, chair and furniture legs.

  8. If you have a dog in the home, keep their nails short.

When cleaning a hardwood floor, it is very important to read the product warranty and the manufacturers maintenance guidelines. Clean the floor exactly as the manufacturer recommends in their documentation. Why? In the event there is a problem with the floor, and a claim is filed, the warranty might be at risk, if cleaning procedures were done against the manufacturer's recommendations. Ask your local flooring store for the product warranty at the time of purchase. Customers can also usually get the warranty from the manufacturer's website.

Typically, customers should dust mop white oak hardwood flooring on a daily basis. Don't ever use an old fashion broom to sweep, as the broom might scratch the floor.

If you have pets in the home, be prepared for a little extra work. Especially, if you have a dog that sheds. There is just no way around it: dogs that shed will cause trouble for your hardwood floor. That's the blunt truth. Sweeping your floor will become a daily task. The darker the color of the floor, the harder it will be to keep clean.

Are White Oak Hardwood Floors Expensive?

Expensive is in the eye of the buyer. While one buyer might think a product is very reasonably priced, another customer might think that same product is outrageously expensive. Every customer is different. Every customer has a different budget. Every customer has a different type of project.

However, keep in mind there is a correct way to shop for flooring covering, as well as a wrong way to shop for floor covering. Let's talk for a second about the "wrong approach."

Most customers decide on remodeling their home, and simply start walking in to floor covering stores to window shop. While this gives a customer a good visual of products in their local stores, it is absolutely the wrong way to shop for flooring.

The vast majority of retail floor covering salespeople work on commission. Their job is to sell you flooring.... the most expensive flooring they can. That's how they earn a living. Plus, most retail salespeople work on an "ups" system. This means, they rotate with the other salespeople to determine who gets the opportunity to assist a new customer. Once a salesperson starts working with you, they record your name, and as a result, you are their customer for life.

The problem is: not all salespeople are equal. If you get stuck with the wrong salesperson, you will pay a higher price.

We have a great article, "How To Buy Flooring For Your Home," that outlines the correct way to buy flooring. With this method, you will always be assured to get the best price. If you're in the market for floor covering, it is certainly worth the read.

In general, every manufacturer will have hardwood products that fit in to a good, better, best pricing model. Customers can find hardwood products at a very reasonable price, and also at a very expensive price. As stated earlier, it really depends on the customer, the scope of the project, as well as what the customer perceives as a reasonable budget amount.

How Do I Shop for a Good Manufacturer of White Oak Hardwood Flooring?

Keep in mind, that retail floor covering stores don't all carry the same products. In fact, for competitive reasons, most stores will go out of their way to carry different products from the other stores in their area. When shopping for white oak flooring, or any other flooring product, it is always best to visit 2 or 3 stores, just to see the variety of products in your area.

Nowadays, manufacturers have a high level of competition. They all have good, better and best products. We always recommend getting a local flooring professional involved with a purchase, just so you can get all of the proper information on a product.

There really is no way to state that a certain manufacturer offers the best product. Each manufacturer will offer different products, and customers need to base their buying decision on their project, as well as their budget.

The most important factor to consider when shopping for flooring, is the reputation of the retail store. Customers should buy from stores that are going to take care of them. Even if you like a certain product, if it is being sold by a store that has bad installers, or a bad community reputation, chances are, the project will not go as expected.

Do some research on local flooring stores before you start your shopping process. A great place to start is on google. Many customers leave reviews, both good and bad. Another great source is on social media. People love to share their thoughts about businesses on the many different social media platforms.


White oak hardwood flooring is harvested out of the eastern part of the United States. It is a very popular species of wood, that is manufactured and sold by floor covering companies everywhere across the United States.

White oak is a durable product, that works great in both new homes and in remodeling projects. White oak is made in both a solid and engineered product.

The popularity of hardwood continues to be high, and white oak helps lead the charge when it comes to flooring sales. If a customer is looking for a fresh, clean look to a hardwood floor, white oak would certainly be an option that is worth exploring.