Will Vinyl Plank Flooring Hurt The Value Of My Home?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Many years ago, laminate flooring was the number one product in the floor covering marketplace. Every floor covering store had cheap pallets sitting on their floor for cash & carry at $0.99 a s/ft. Stores could not keep it in stock. Do-it-yourself projects were exploding with laminate flooring.

Then, a funny thing started to happen....problems. Customers started filing so many claims the stores could not keep up. It turned out, laminate flooring and water didn't get along. If there was a water spill, all kinds of issues started to arise.

- Delamination happened. (this is where the flooring top layer started to separate from the core).

- The joints where the product clicks together started to come apart.

Laminate flooring went from being the number one product in the market to a very big problem child product. Fast forward to today, laminate is still around, but luxury vinyl plank has taken its place. Go in to any floor covering store and look in their retail showroom. How much space is dedicated to laminate vs luxury vinyl plank? Luxury vinyl plank dominates not only in the amount of given retail space, but in sales.

Retails stores have rows and rows of vinyl plank samples. You can get styles in all kinds of different patterns and colors. The product is made of vinyl and appears more realistic than most of the old laminate floors.

Planks are easy to install, affordable and turns out, they are very durable. When luxury vinyl plank first came out in the marketplace, one of the sales pitches from the manufacturing companies was to send their sales representatives around and have them submerge a piece of plank in to a bucket of water, to show stores how this product was impervious to water. Vinyl plank became the best product to use in home basements and in bathrooms / kitchens.

Property managers figured out that vinyl plank flooring is easy to clean. Rental properties started using vinyl plank floors instead of carpet. The need to replace carpet every time a tenant move out no longer became necessary.

Carpet is still the least expensive type of flooring. However, if you have to constantly pay a professional cleaner to shampoo your carpet, or if you have to replace your carpet each time a tenant moves, all of a sudden carpet can become quite expensive. With luxury vinyl plank, it is easy to install, the patterns look beautiful, and the maintenance is very low. You won't need to replace your floor for years and years.

Many of the vinyl plank products in the marketplace now come with an attached pad. The noise level associated with walking on a vinyl plank floor is much lower than other related hard surface floors.

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The answer is quite simple: absolutely not! Realtors are selling homes at all prices that have luxury vinyl plank in their home. Vinyl plank is by far the fastest growing product in the floor covering marketplace. You can find some absolutely beautiful vinyl plank floors in almost every retail showroom.

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