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California Shag:  The standard, traditional solid color  shag area rug collection, currently available in 20 colors and multiple different sizes.  The California Shag Collection has a 2 inch thick pile height, and is a soft and plush area rug.  A machine woven product that has enhanced synthetic fibers.      

Hudson Shag:  A modern diamond trellis pattern area rug, machine woven, made of polypropylene material. It is currently available in 16 colors, as well as many different sizes.  The Hudson shag Collection has a plush texture with a 2 inch pile height. 


Milan Shag: The Milan Shag Collection currently is available in 8 solid colors, with all colors having a variety of different available size rugs. The Milan Shag Collection is a plush, 2 inch thick product, that products a soft feel. 

Dallas Shag:  A trellis style rug, available in 15 colors, all with various sizes. With a plush 1.5 inch thickness, the Dallas Shag feels and looks like a perfect option for a bedroom or for a cozy living room space.

Florida Shag:  Offered in a swirling vine design, this 1.2 inch thick shag is available in 13 colors, each with various sizes.  The Florida Shag Collection is perfect for a "warm climate feel," and for rooms with a modern decor. 

Paris Shag: This glamorous 2.5 inch thick, solid color shag rug has 8 colors, all available in various sizes. The Paris Shag Collection is a great product for a bedroom or reading room. 


Moroccan Tassel Shag: This plush, 2 inch thick boho rug, comes in just 2 colors, both in a trellis pattern.  This rustic looking rug would be wonderful for a southwestern room decor theme and design.  Both colors come in various sizes, both small and large. 


Faux Sheep Skin: A very popular rug type, that sells great in rooms with fireplaces and cozy living spaces.  The Faux Sheep Skin Collection comes in 5 colors, all with various sizes available.  This soft, silk feel rug is made for warmth and design.        

Kids Shag Collection:  This bright, colorful and wild chevron rug is available in just one color.  Made to showcase color and design, this vibrant area rug would be wonderful in a kids bedroom or playroom. A 2 inch thick product that children will love.  

Laguna Shag: With 17 colors, this 2 inch thick, plush and solid color area rug is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.  Customers looking for a solid color flooring product will have an easy time finding a color that matches all types of room decor and wall paint. 


Madison: One of the most popular Amazon products, the Madison Collection comes in 7 colors, all with various sizes.  This product is a distressed, medallion oriental area rug, that has a 0.4 inch thickness.  A traditional rug that would be perfect for a living room space.   

Monaco: An abstract watercolor design, this vibrant color area rug comes in 11 colors, all with different available sizes.  This rug is for the modern and abstract home decor lovers, that will certainly add color to any room. 

Tulum: The Tulum Collection is a Moroccan Boho Distressed design product, that has 14 colors.  It is a mix of both modern and traditional design, perfect for that room space that wants a unique look and design.  Each color comes with a unique Boho design and style. 

Natural Fiber: Available in 17 colors, this basket weave seagrass area rug, is for the homeowner that is concerned with clean air, and looking for natural products that are environmentally safe in the home. A very popular area rug that has thousands of customer reviews.

Adirondack: The Adirondack Collection is available in an Ivory/Charcoal color, that comes in many different sizes.  This is a chevron style rug, that has a modern feel and flair.  

Amsterdam: A diamond trellis area rug that comes in Ivory/Mauve.  A modern looking rug that customers that enjoy design and multiple colors.  The diamond trellis area rug is made for a living room or bedroom space. 

Vison: A tonal carpet, that comes in 9 colors.  The Vison Collection has that solid color look, with a hint of lighter shades.  Perfect for a neutral room that needs a contemporary and modern looking rug. 

Crystal: A chic, oriental distressed area rug collection, that comes in 7 colors. The Crystal Collection is a unique oriental looking product, that while shows off multiple colors, does not overwhelm the room decor.  The Crystal Collection is made for a living room, bedroom or dining room space.  

Heritage:  A handmade, traditional oriental area rug that comes in 11 colors.  Perfect for a formal living room or dining room.  The Heritage Collection is made of wool, and is a perfect rug for customers that want that traditional oriental look, without spending thousands of dollars. 

Amherst: a soft spoken trellis design area rug that has 18 colors.  This rug is a wonderful choice for a bedroom or dining room.  Each color has multiple available sizes, and is designed to withstand high foot traffic. The family of colors in this collection are light tones, with a few darker options. 

Evoke: A 6 color collection, that comes with a Boho design.  Each rug has multiple colors within its design, all with different boho patterns.  This collection provides a modern and contemporary feel for any room.  A great option for warm climate living spaces.

Craft: An abstract collection, available in 6 colors.  The Craft Collection is for the modern home decor customer that wants a unique looking rug, that brings attention to any room. The Craft Collection has unique and very abstract looks and designs.    

Hollywood: Promoted as a mid century modern design, the Hollywood Collection  has 7 unique colors and designs, each with coming with multiple colors in each rug.  Patterns are abstract and for the consumer looking for a very modern design.  

Cap Cod: This handmade, flatweave braided jute area rug is available in a natural/blue color.  It is designed for the room space next to water or that has a coastal decor.  This product is listed has having a geometric pattern.  

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