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Trellis Frieze Collection:  A very popular Amazon product (with over 13,000 reviews, The Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection is currently available in 16 colors, with all colors have multiple different size rugs.  This product can best be described as a solid color area rug, with geometric line stripes (in a second color).  The Trellis Frieze Collection is a machine made product, with a thickness of 1/3."

Sofia Collection:  An extremely popular area rug on Amazon (currently ranked #1), with over 22,000 reviews, the Unique Loom Sofia Collection Area rug comes in 11 colors, all with different rug sizes.  The Sofia Collection has a  blended distressed color look, which makes it very easy to decorate with multiple paint and furniture colors.  

Solid Indoor/Outdoor Collection: This indoor/outdoor area rug collection currently is available in 8 colors, with all colors having rugs in various sizes.  The Indoor/Outdoor Solid Collection has a good rating with Amazon, as well as over 2,000 product reviews.  The Solid collection would be a great product for a porch, deck or pool area. This product is machine made, and has a thickness of 1/6."

Outdoor Collection: The Outdoor Collection is a transitional area rug style, with a solid color border.  It is currently available in 6 colors. Colors include: black, teal, blue, brown red and beige.  This collection would work great in any outdoor space, as well as a 4 seasons room.  With the transitional style, the Outdoor collection is easy to coordinate with furniture and wall paint colors.


Davos Collection: The Davos Collection is a soft, solid color shag collection, available in 10 colors, which include: Aqua, Dusty Linen, Ivory, Linen, Marine Blue, Peppercorn, Poppy, Sage, Sterling and Sunglow.  This is a traditional looking solid color area rug.  Perfect for customers looking for a one color area rug. Each color has many different size options. 


Imperial Collection: A unique one color collection, that is a medallion, distressed, border style area rug.  The terracotta (red) and brown color is very bright and vibrant.  An excellent choice for a bedroom or bedroom desk area. The oval size rug would a wonderful choice in front of a fireplace, or in a reading area.  


Parker Collection:  A colorful, medallion style area rug that is available in 7 colors.  The Parker Collection has both light colors, as well as some dark vibrant tone colors. Colors include: Multi/Blue, Blue/Ivory, Pink/Ivory, Charcoal/Ivory, Ivory/Beige, Yellow/Ivory.  This collection is full of patterns, making it a perfect rug for a bedroom or dining room space.  Multiple sizes are available in each color. 


Oxford Collection: A modern, geometric pattern rug, available in 5 light tone colors.  Colors include: Beige/Ivory, Blue/Ivory, Cream/Gray, Gray/Ivory and Pink/Ivory.  While this collection is promoted as a "modern" style, the colors in this collection make the Oxford Collection look more like a traditional style than anything else.


Lotus Collection:  A modern area rug collection that has 4 colors, which include: Blue, Blue/Ivory, Ivory/Multi and Ivory.  This rug has multiple rows of patterns around the perimeter, giving it a striped look that is impossible to miss.  This collection is without question a modern style, great for modern bedrooms or living rooms. 


Bohemian Trellis Collection:  A 7 color collection, each color with a geometric, bohemian design.  The design of this rug is almost distressed in color, giving it a unique look. Colors include: Blue/Ivory, Gray/Ivory, Pearl/Gray, Pink/Ivory, Rose/Ivory, Beige/Ivory and Ivory/Navy Blue.  This collection is modern in style, and each color has at 2 distressed colors. 


Barista Collection: Available in Multi/Beige this "circles" design area rug is full of both patterns and colors.  The overall look is "rustic," but this collection is promoted as a modern area rug.  The Barista Collection is full of colors and will certainly brighten up any room. 

Traditional Geometric Tribal Collection: A wild grouping of colors and patterns give this area rug a tribal tone and feel.  Available in 10 colors, all with  different size options.  The majority of colors are warm tones, with a little hint of being distressed.  This collection works great in a busy living space or bedroom. Perfect for high traffic areas. 

Metro Collection: The Metro Collection is an abstract area rug design, available in 1 color, Light Gray/Ivory.   

The color is a soft spoken, warm tone that has abstract designs. Perfectly named, this area rug collection reminds customers of city life and having a busy schedule. 

Autumn Collection: Available in 5 Fall, warm tone colors, this area rug collection is an abstract casual area rug, with colors that remind customers of the Autumn and Fall.  The patterns are of rectangles and squares, with each shape being represented by a different color. 


Lyon Collection:  A very bright and patterned floral area rug collection, that is available in two colors, which include: Black/Yellow and Ivory/Yellow. The flower design of this collection makes this area rug a product that will stand out in any room.  Perfect for a 4 seasons room, or a casual living space that has an outdoor room decor theme.   

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