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Mareva: Available in 6 colors, which include: beige, grey, light blue, rust orange, yellow and red, this vintage oriental area rug collection comes with a medallion design and border.  This product is machine washable, made out of a polyester blend.  A low pile area rug, made for living room or bedroom spaces that get high traffic.  

Lalen: Lalen is an oriental area rug collection, that is available in 5 colors, which include: blue, cream, green, ivory/cream and terracotta.  Lalen is marketed as an oriental floral rug. It is made of a polyester blend, and is available in three different approximate sizes (4'x'6', 5'x8', 8'x10'). The Lalen Area Rug would be very appropriate for a living room or bedroom space that has a traditional room decor. 

Prosper: This oriental floral area rug is available in 5 colors, which include: blue, cream, green, ivory/cream and terracotta. The Prosper Area Rug comes in three sizes (approximately, 4x6, 6x8 and 8x10). This product is made from a polyester blend, and is a casual/conservative area rug, that would look great in a living room, dining room or bedroom. 

Bailey: Described as a "vintage oriental floral area rug," this product comes in 5 light tone colors. The overall pattern also has a slight border color around the perimeter of the rug. The colors come across with a ever so slight distressed look, making this area rug easy to decorate with numerous paint and furniture colors.


Nelson: The Nelson Area Rug is a one color abstract product, that comes with multiple colors in it. The main color in this area rug is peach, with a tint of light grey.  The abstract design makes the Nelson a very good area rug for a living room or bedroom.  It is currently available in three standard sizes. This product is made from a polyester blend.


Nalah: Available in 11 colors, the Nalah is a geometric area rug, that has three standard sizes.  Unlike many area rug options, with this product, when you pick a different color, you get an entirely different design.  From triangles to swirling lines, this area rug will certainly please the customer that is looking for a unique product. 

Calla: This one color, beige area rug, is described as a "distressed oriental medallion area rug." The beige color makes the design blend in with the overall color, making this rug a very hard to see the pattern rug.  You know the pattern is there, but you just can't quite see the overall design. It is a very quiet and calming product.  

Kellie: This vintage oriental cream colored rug comes in two standard sizes, and is made from a polyester blend.  While the rug is described as an oriental piece, the Kellie Area rug has multiple colors in it, and also comes across as a borderline abstract design.  This rug would be perfect for that room in the house that is hard to find floor products that match with the paint colors.   

Xella:  Marketed as a "vintage stripes rug," Xella comes in three colors, which include: stripes cream, stripes blue and stripes red.  The overall design can almost be described as a boho or moroccan style rug, that illustrates many different colors, as well as a fancy design. All three colors are light toned, making this product a wonderful choice for customers that want a rug that compliments other colors in the room. 

Fiora: The Fiora Area Rug is a geometric stripes and boxes design.  It comes in two colors: blue and gold.  Customers looking for this type of patterned rug will not be disappointed. This area rug will look great in a bedroom, basement or living room. It certainly has that modern feel to it that many consumers would enjoy. 

Naya: While Fiora is a stripes and boxes geometric design, Naya is a geometric "diamond" and boxes design.  This product is certainly not shy.  When you look at the Naya Area Rug, you will see a very vibrant and bursting with color rug.  This rug will bring attention to any room. The Naya Area Rug will be the first thing any person notices when they walk in to the space.  

Rheta: Following with the geometric theme, Rheta is a stripes and "angles" pattern area rug.  Rheta is also one of those products that will capture the eye.  Coming in two colors, blue and gold, this area rug will most definitely bring life to the room.  Rheta has bright and forceful colors that can not be missed. 

Yara Scandanavian: an abstract rug that comes with a geometric triangle design.  This multiple color rug is promoted as "geometric," and comes in gold and blue.  Each color has multiple colors in it, and can only be described best as a "multi color" rug. Following many of the Well Woven geometric products, the colors in Yara are bright and strong. 

Lincoln: Described as a geometric area rug, Lincoln comes in 11 colors.  The interesting feature of this product, is the different designs on each color.  Different colors have completely different design looks.  Customers looking at this product need to check out each color, so they can see all of the different patterns. 

Kashton: A unique abstract collection of rugs that have multiple designs, depending on the color. With 11 available colors, Well Woven Kashton comes with 11 different patterns. It is a very unique product that demonstrates many different looks. Kashton comes in three standard sizes. From triangles to swirling lines, Kashton has many different options. 

Roman: A modern art deco area rug that has 11 available colors.  This product reminds us of walking in to an art museum.  Full of unique designs, Roman captures the essence of the modern look and feel. Each color comes with a unique design. This product is perfect for the customer looking for that one of a kind rug, that has a design that friends and family will rave about.  

Easton: Customers that like geometric triangles, will certainly love the Well Woven Easton Area rug. Full of colors (11), this area rug will please the person looking for wild designs and bright colors. The Well Woven Easton Area Rug is a very modern looking product, that comes in three standard sizes.  

French European Formal: A traditional oriental area rug that customers see in dining rooms, living rooms and home libraries.  Nothing modern about this area rug.  This product is just about as traditional as you can get.  Available in 7 distinct colors, this area rug represents that formal piece of flooring that customers see in the show houses on television.

Sultan Sarouk:  Customers that don't want to break the bank account on a fancy oriental area rug, can turn to the Well Woven Sultan product to get that oriental feel and design.  This product comes in 7 colors, which include:  brown, grey, red, black, green, ivory and light blue.  A perfect area rug for any formal home space. 

Layla:  A moroccan style area rug that would be perfect for a casual living room or bedroom space.  This area rug comes with tassels, and is available in two colors (ivory and natural ivory). A very modest color range, that will not overwhelm the room space. Perfect for around a coffee table or sofa.  

Cenar: A moroccan tribal style rug, that has both a high pile and low pile.  Many customers love the unique design, while other customers find this design too uncomfortable. It seems people either love this rug or they hate it.  This product comes in two colors (beige and grey).     

Miranda: A moroccan shag diamond design that is famous for its medallion pattern.  This is a very unique area rug that has multiple stripes, diamonds and other patterns. Perfect for a living room or bedroom. Many customers place this rug next to a sofa or in the middle of a room. this rug s meant to be placed to show off the pattern and design.  

Bergen: A high/low cut pile area rug, described as a moroccan geometric stripes design. This unique pattern makes this Well Woven Area Rug a wonderful option for a rustic room design.  This Bergen area rug comes with beige stripes, and is available in three standard sizes.  A perfect rug for a living room or bedroom space.  


Jasmin: A moroccan trellis area rug, that is available in multiple different sizes. A very casual area rug that would be a wonderful living room or bedroom area rug.  Colors come in ivory and natural ivory. This Well Woven rug has multiple stripes, shapes and patterns. It is also a tassel product, that makes this area rug a unique product for home decor. 

Celina: A standard trellis style area rug that is available in 5 colors. Colors include: black, blue, grey, white and yellow.  This Well Woven Area Rug comes with tassels, and is made of a polyester blend. It has a medium height pile, and would be a great choice for a family room or bedroom.  

Allie: A casual moroccan trellis area rug, that has four standard colors: black, blue, light blue and grey.  The colors are very neutral and soft, and provide a feeling of warmth to any room space. It has a medium height shaggy yarn, and is a great option for a television room or family gathering space. 

Moroccan: Well woven has an excellent selection of moroccan area rugs that won't break the bank account. Selections include high/low pile rugs, traditional moroccan pattern rugs, as well as rugs with fancy stripes and shapes.  Well Woven is one of the best companies to search for an affordable moroccan area rug. 

Dustin:  A wonderful option for those customers looking for a southwestern style area rug. Availabe in 7 colors, this Well Woven rug will please those  customers going after that western feel and design decor. Colors include: aztec blue, crimson, blue southwestern, medallion blue, red southwestern, tribal blue and tribal multi.  

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