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Well Woven Pembina: A beautiful southwestern rug collection, that has many different designs, colors and features.  This collection comes in six colors: Aztec brown, Aztec ivory, Aztec red, ivory, red and southwestern red.  The colors are bold and bright, and carry a crisp and clean look and feel. Each color has many different size options.  Promoted as a product that has stain resistant yarn, this collection of rugs would look great over a rustic hardwood or vinyl plank floor.  The perfect southwestern rug.  

Unique Loom Sedona:  This is an extremely vibrant and multi colored southwestern rug product that will brighten up any room.  A wonderful collection of colors and design characteristics.  This is a very unique area rug, that screams southwestern style and charm. With arrows, lines, square shapes and much much more in the pattern, this rug has a lot going on.  This would be a great rug for a family room or bedroom.  The perfect way to accent many other colors in a room. Sold by Unique Loom, this product has many online reviews. 

Lizette: A classic and traditional southwestern medallion style area rug.  This collection comes in three colors: tribal crimson, tribal blue and tribal cream.  Each color has many different size options. While available in three colors, each color has many secondary colors in it.  This is a multi color southwestern rug, featuring a large medallion design in the middle, with many smaller shapes and colors around the perimeter.  A beautiful rug for a classic southwestern style room decor.  The colors in this rug coordinate very well with many different furniture colors. 


Traditional Geometric Tribal:  With many different shapes, designs and colors, this collection of southwestern rugs continues to be a very popular online product.  Currently, with over 1,200 Amazon reviews, this collection remains a hot selling product.  while the product itself has many different colors and shapes, it comes across with a warm and distressed look, which makes this rug pretty, yet very calming.  This is simply a beautiful and pretty rug that would look great in any room of the house.    

Richelle:  This southwestern rug collection is somewhat loud and striking.  It comes with a large medallion design in the middle, that has small diamond shapes within the pattern.  The perimeter of the area rug features more diamonds, with arrows, shapes and lines.  This is a very attractive area rug that comes in three colors: silver, blue and grey.  Each color has many different size options.  The silver color is the darkest and most vibrant, while the blue and grey colors are more light toned and quiet. 

Tulum Collection: this beautiful and elegant moroccan boho tribal southwestern rug collection comes in nine colors: ivory/grey, navy/ivory, black/ivory, ivory/black, ivory/blue, ivory/navy, light grey/ivory, ivory/light grey and ivory/turquoise.  This product is a cross between a southwestern looking rug and a moroccan boho rug.  Each color comes in a variety of different sizes.  The large design in the rug is rows of diamonds.  Each large row is surrounded by many different little shapes, arrows and lines.   

Amsterdam Collection: Made by Safavieh, this product is a mixture of being a classic southwestern rug, as well as a moroccan boho style product.  The Amsterdam Collection is full of patterns and colors.  It has a huge color line (20 colors), and each color has many different size options.  This is a beautiful and colorful rug that would certainly bring out many other colors in any room. Currently, this is a very popular online product, with over 2,500 Amazon reviews.  This collection has an excellent 4 1/2 star rating.  

Ollie Vintage:  A very soft colored, tribal stripes pattern southwestern rug collection.  This collection comes in an ivory color, and has many different size options.  The pattern in this rug is full of arrows, different shapes, lines and colors.  It is a beautiful, soft spoken area rug that would look great in any room, without taking over the room decor.  An excellent product for a living room or bedroom. With the many colors in this rug, it would coordinate very well with both light and dark colored furniture.   

Mabel Tribal: A cross between a southwestern rug and an oriental rug, the Mabel Tribal Collection comes in "rust," along with many different secondary colors.  This product also have several different rug sizes.  The pattern is full of different shapes and colors, with a large medallion design in the center. The rust color almost gives this product a distressed look.  Customers could place this area rug in both a casual setting or a formal setting.  This is a very versatile product. 

Richelle Tribal Medallion: A tribal medallion southwestern rug collection that does a wonderful job of showing off that southwestern flair.  This collection comes in three colors, with each color having several different size options.  The pattern is full of bright colored shapes and arrows.  This is certainly a classic design southwestern rug.  A perfect product for a casual family room or bedroom. Colors in this collection include: silver, blue and grey, with many secondary accent colors within the pattern. 

Dustin Crimson Southwestern: A beautiful and classic southwestern rug collection that comes in seven colors: aztec blue, aztec crimson, blue southwestern, medallion blue, red southwestern, tribal blue and tribal multi.  Each color has many different size options.  Each color in this collection has a completely different and unique design. This is really seen different rugs that has been put in to one collection.  A wonderful gift or purchase for the southwestern decor customer.  This is the classic rug that customers are looking for in a southwestern style product.    

Qiana Emblem Fringe: a very unique southwestern rug collection that also could double as an oriental medallion style rug.  With a great blend of colors and shapes, this collection of rugs comes in three colors: blue, ivory and light beige.  Each color has multiple size options.  A very classy product that would fit in to both a formal room, as well as an informal room.  With the many different colors in the rug, this collection would coordinate well with most wall paint colors and furniture styles. 

Artistic Weavers Tara: This collection is a combination of an abstract rug and a southwestern rug.  The design is full of color, with many different shapes and lines throughout the pattern.  The color in the rug comes across as rather abstract, a little blurry to the eye.  This collection has two colors: teal and white/pink. This is a soft colored rug that would work well when customers need something to fill a void in a room, without having the rug take control of the other room decor.   

Tulsa Lea:  a traditional southwestern rug collection that would fit perfectly in front of a fireplace or in any southwestern style room.  The classic red color is what is typically noticed in a southwestern rug, and this product expresses its traditional style, feel and look.  The Tulsa Lea Collection has three colors: crimson, blue and cream.  Each color also has many different secondary colors in the rug.  All three colors have different size options. 

Laverne: This is an interesting striped southwestern rug style product.  The pattern is full of different rows of colors that go horizontally across the rug.  It is a product with a rainbow of colors that are shaped closely to brown tones.  The darker colors help make this a southwestern rug style.  This is a very relaxing rug style, one that customers would place in a television room or reading room. 

Minda: A medallion style southwestern rug collection, that could also pass an oriental area rug.  This product come sin three colors: medallion crimson, floral red and ivory.  Each color has many different size options.  This would be a great area rug for a living room or bedroom, the perfect choice for placing on top of a hardwood floor. Each color also has many different secondary colors in the design.  This would be a great area rug to place in a room that needs some color. 

Rainbow:  Made by Mohawk Home, the Rainbow Collection is a striped multi colored area rug, that could pass as a southwestern rug, modern rug or even a traditional rug.  This product has a lot of color, making its name "rainbow" a perfect description. This is more of a casual rug that should be placed in a casual room, that has contemporary furniture.  With all of the colors in the rug, this product would help bring out whatever colors are in the room. 

Tabetha: A southwestern rug style product, that could also double as an oriental rug.  This product comes in four colors: green, rust, olive and tan.  Each color has secondary colors throughout the pattern.  Likewise, each color comes in a variety of size options. This product is comprised of a large medallion shape that captures over 50% of the rug design.  It is surrounded by secondary colors, shapes and lines. This product would look good in a bedroom, dining room or living room. 

Baja:  A very unique southwestern rug style that has four bold colors: blue/green, orange/red, red/beige and yellow/red.  The design of this collection is both southwestern and modern.  Customers will find this product unique and completely different than most designs.  This product will not be available in any local store. A great product for a bedroom or casual living room.  The colors in this collection are old and vibrant.  This is a statement rug that will certainly be noticed when placed in a room. 

Tulsa Mia:  If customers are looking for a unique southwestern rug, with a little bit of a bohemian design, they will find what they are looking for with this collection.  This is a very different and interesting designer rug, that has multiple colors and shapes.  The pattern is very busy, with lines and triangle patterns mixing together throughout the design.  While the main color is blue, it also has quite a bit of red, white, gold and aqua in it. This is a colorful rug that has been quite a popular online product. 

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