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Sofia Collection: One of the most popular online area rug collections, the Sofia Collection is described as a "French Inspired" traditional area rug.  This collection comes in eleven colors: black/ivory, blue/ivory, brown/ivory, burgundy/ivory, dark gray/ivory, gray/ivory, ivory/brown, light blue/navy blue, navy blue/yellow, orange/yellow and turquoise/ivory.  This is a two toned area rug, with the secondary color outlining the rug accent pattern.  The distressed look makes this a very easy traditional area rug to coordinate with other room colors.


Odelia Collection:  A beautiful distressed oriental area rug collection that comes in 17 colors.  Each color has multiple size options.  The overall color of this traditional area rug is full of multi colors, in different shapes, lines and patterns.  This is quite simply a gorgeous area rug collection that would work great in both a formal or informal room setting.  The Odelia Collection would look great over a dark hardwood floor, in a living room or bedroom.  This would be a wonderful gift.    

Kashan Collection:  This is a traditional floral oriental area rug, that has 13 colors.  Each color has many different size options.  This would be a perfect area rug to purchase many different size options.  customers could purchase the larger size for a living room, while getting a runner size for the entryway or hallway.  The collection a color line that covers almost all of the main color tones.  Customers can purchase a beige rug, a blue rug or a purple rug.  This collection is a great buy for the cost.  

Sakarya Collection:  A traditional medallion area rug product, that comes in 13 colors.  The medallion pattern is a large pattern, in the middle of the rug, surrounded by secondary colors of shapes and designs, along with a solid color trim.  This is a beautiful, formal living room or dining room area rug.  Nothing too fancy about this product.  Customers looking for the typical oriental area rug, that don't want to spend a fortune, can look at this collection of rugs and find a good deal, on a very nice product. 

Georgina Collection:  A traditional area rug that comes in three colors: navy blue/green, navy blue/gold and winberry/teal.  An elegant, dual colored design with small medallion shapes in the middle of the rug, with a secondary color flair around the perimeter.  This is a very formal looking area rug, that would be best located in a formal room of the house.  All three colors are deep in richness, and work well for a formal atmosphere.  All three colors have multiple size options.  

Diagona Traditional: This 18 color traditional area rug collection is very unique and different.  Each color has a completely different pattern.  This collection is really 18 different area rugs, built in to one collection.  This product has everything from a medallion design to an abstract color design, and everything in-between. Each color is a variety of size options.  with so many different colors, designs and size options, it's no wonder this area rug collection is such a popular online item.   

Noble Medallion:  Described as a "Persian Floral Oriental," this traditional area rug comes in five colors: black, green, ivory, light blue and red.  Each color has secondary colors in it, and all five colors have many different size options.  This product is a typical oriental area rug that  customers see everyday online.  Each color has a solid color perimeter binding, with multiple floral shapes and patterns throughout the surface. This is a formal area rug, that could be used in both a formal room setting, as well as an informal room environment.  The colors in this collection would be very easy to coordinate with other room tones.    

Pastoral Medallion:  This traditional area rug is described by the manufacturer as a "French Area Rug European Floral Formal Traditional Area Rug."  It is available in 7 colors, which include: black, brown, green, grey, ivory, light blue and red.  Each color also has secondary colors, as well as a pattern that is full of shapes and patterns.  This is a two toned color oriental area rug that has a formal look and feel.  A very elegant area rug collection, that is meant to be in a formal room space. 

Bromley Collection:  A vintage, traditional area rug collection that has a slight distressed look to it.  This product comes in 9 colors.  All 9 colors have various rug size options.  The secondary color in this area rug outlines the design, which is full of different color patches, shapes and lines.  This area rug collection would work in any style of room, both formal and informal.  We could see this area rug being used in many different rooms.  It has a low plie height, and should be very easy to clean and maintain. 

Verona Collection:  A traditional area rug that is described as a "Vintage Paisley Persian" area rug collection.  The paisley design works its way through the entire rug design, with secondary colors outlining the accent design.  This collection has 9 colors: blue, dark blue, grey, pink, light blue, dark grey, gold, brown and red.  The "pink" color in this collection is very vibrant and loud.  It has a tint of purple in it, and would be a wonderful gift for anyone in the family that loves bright and pinkish tones. Each of the 9 colors has a variety of rug size options.  

Geometric Tribal:  A warm toned area rug collection, that has 10 colors in the collection.  Each of the ten colors is in the warm toned family, with each color also coordinating with several secondary rug colors in the pattern.  This collection has a distressed feel to it, and is promoted as a "geometric tribal" design.  There is a lot going on with the pattern of this area rug.  It has a very busy design, yet does not come across as over-powering.  It is truly a beautiful collection of rugs that would work in almost any room.  Each pf the 10 colors has multiple rug size options.   This is a very popular online rug, that is sold at a great price point. 

Alfombras Collection:  This traditional oriental area rug collection is a durable product, that comes with a non-slip rubber backing.  It has three colors in the collection:  black, green and maroon. This is an area rug that would be a good fit for a dining room or bedroom.  This product is intended for the customer looking to fill a room space, without breaking the bank account.  It is priced very well, and is a durable rug.  This product is not intended to "wow" the consumer, rather it is a bargain area rug that has a purpose of filling a space at a discounted price.


Nicole Miller Collection:  This is an indoor/outdoor traditional medallion area rug collection. for indoor/outdoor area rugs, this is a beautiful product that customers will not find in local stores.  while most indoor/outdoor products are casual in design, this product is very elegant and gives a formal look to an outdoor environment.  Priced very well, this product continues to be very popular with online shoppers. with over 180 product reviews, customers can research this product very easily before making a buying decision.   

Passion Traditional Collection:  This is a low pile height, traditional area rug collection, that has 8 bright and colorful tones. This is a formal looking oriental area rug, that has bright colors.  visitors will notice this area rug as soon as they walk in to the room.  This product is intended to be placed in an area of the home that needs some additional life and color.  A beautiful area rug collection that would look awesome over a hardwood floor or luxury vinyl plank floor.  Each color in the product line has a variety of size options.   

Lynhurst Collection:  A traditional oriental area rug collection that has an amazing 18 different colors in the product line.  Customers looking for the good old-fashion oriental area rug, are sure to find a color they like in this collection. Each of the 18 colors has a variety of size options.  a very popular online area rug, this product continues to be a top seller.  A very durable product, that would look great in a bedroom, living room or dining room. This would be a very easy area rug to place in most rooms, as it would coordinate well with most types of furniture styles and room colors.        

Chester Collection:  This traditional area rug is available in  three colors: black, dark blue and grey.  Each color has many different rug size options.  With over 5,000 Amazon reviews, this area rug collection continues to be a hot online selling area rug.  Likewise, with so many reviews, as a buyer, this product would be extremely easy to research before making a purchasing decision. Most customers are placing this casual area rug in a living room or bedroom.  

Trellis Frieze Collection:  This traditional area rug is described as a "trellis frieze collection." This product is the typical, traditional looking low pile height, trellis area rug.  It has ne primary color in the rug, with a secondary color that accents and shows-off the trellis design.  Overall, this product comes in thirteen colors, with each color having multiple size options.  This is a very casual looking area rug, made for casual spaces in the home. With over 3,500 Amazon reviews, the Trellis Frieze Collection continues to be a very popular product.    

Hamadan Collection:  A traditional area rug that comes in 10 colors.  Each color is rich in tone, with secondary colors in the design, that accents the vintage design.  This is a typical oriental, Persian area rug collection that would like great in a dining room or living room.  A very elegant area rug collection, with very deep color tones.  All 10 colors have many different rug sizes.  This product is sold at a very competitive and aggressive price.  This would be the perfect gift for the customer looking for a quality, traditional area rug that is at a great bargain price. 

Pelham Vintage:  Sold mainly as an accent rug, this washable traditional area rug collection comes in eleven colors.  The runner size is the most popular size in this collection.  This product is used to place in a high traffic entryway or hallway space.  A perfect product to fill a void in the floor that needs a nice looking, affordable area rug.  This is a two toned color product, that would blend in with most room colors. Currently, this product has over 25,000 reviews.  The Pelham vintage Collection continues to be a hot selling online area rug.  

Skye Collection:  With an amazing option of 20 colors, the Skye Collection is a traditional area rug collection, comprised of soft tone colors.  This classic oriental design piece, blends well in to any room setting.  The soft colors make the pattern very soft and calm.  This product does a good job of creating a very calm and relaxing room environment.  This would be a wonderful area rug for a living room, bedroom or dining room.  Sold at a great price, with many different sizes and color options, this collection of area rugs is a favorite for online buyers.   

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